Ten on Tuesday

1. I know why people don’t try to blog on vacations with their kids and family reunions. You have no time to spend on the computer. Had a great time. Will start pictures on Wed. and will try to do a day for each location. Had an amazing time.

2. So happy to be back in cool and non humid temperatures. Love the crisp cool air.

3. I think Brett has watched enough ATV videos on You Tube. Today as he was riding his ATV, I caught him a couple of times standing up while riding. All boy.

4. Becky wanted to feed the ducks for FHE, Brett wanted to go on a walk to the Red Box – so we all did both for FHE. Loved the train on Lindsay and Becky on scooters and Brett on his bike. Beautiful evening for a walk.

5. Monday, I was in recover from vacation mode. I had lots of load of laundry. We planned it quite well as we came home with mostly dirty clothes.

6. Did you know there is a Ticket to Ride app for the ipad. Now I can play it anytime and don’t have to beg my kids to play with me. Somehow the cards I want don’t seem to come up online like they seem to do when we play the board game.

7. Last weekend was my 25th High School Reunion. It has been fun to look at the pictures of people posted on Facebook. Definitely needed people tagged to see who was who.

8. Grateful for amazing visiting teachers who do so much for me. Thanks Marissa.

9. New calling is Assit. Compassionate Service leader. Looking forward to the call! Get to work with amazing women and all the women in RS.

10. Owen is booked most of the weeks this month with travel. Have loved having him home and being on vacation with him. Will miss him and look forward to weekends once again.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Marsha says:

    You will be fantastic in compassionate service. No one has more compassion for others than you. Thanks Kris for your excellent example in caring for and about people. We all love you! Marsha

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