Kansas City – Independence – Adam-ondi-ahman Missouri

We flew from Seattle to Kansas City on Sunday (the 24th) for the Allen Family Reunion.  Mostly uneventful flight except for some turbulence.  Brett who loves to fly was not quite so happy about the rollercoaster ride in the sky. 

Driving to the hotel provided one of those moments which Brock would be so sad to miss, another milestone that I’ve hit in becoming an old woman.  I realized that I need reading glasses.  My family did not feel my pain (since all but Brett wear glasses and/or contacts), but for me it was a you are getting old moment.

Monday morning we woke up and ate breakfast with all of Owen’s family.  It has been 2 1/2 years since we’ve seen most of them.  Great to see  them all.

We headed to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence.  I have been able to visit 3 presidential Libraries (Reagan, Clinton, JF Kennedy) and 3 Presidents home’s (Washington, Jefferson, Jackson).  I was impressed at all that he did in his presidency, and would give this one as the best one for Kids that I’ve seen so far.  They had lots of exhibits which they had activities for the kids to do and participate in.  Loved learning more about all that happened in his time period. (Atomic bomb – The Buck Stops Here) 

I like the see the recreated oval offices.

Lindsay loved to recreate the expressions from the pictures and statues.

Becky loved to find her birthday on papers on display.

Fun thing for the kids to interact with.

My favorite magazine from the era – Do you have your family foxhole?

Loved this poster from the day

We then headed to get some BBQ for lunch and somehow found a Sonic along the drives.  Tasted great.

We headed to the Independence Visitor Center.  Loved finding the Kirabati Book of Mormon (where Brock was born).  We did a little rearranging to put the Figian (where Brock was picked up by us) next to each other.  We love and miss you Brock!  Keep up the great work!

After the Visitor Center we headed to Adam-ondi-ahman.    Here is a picture of the group there.  We were missing Brock, Jessica, Edith, Clint, Tyler and Tyson. 


We cooled off with some water – thanks to the Banks.  Elder and Sister Banks were from Owen’s home ward.  They are couple service missionaries there and they were kind enough to teach us all about the place.

Lindsay hanging with Steven

My favorite flower in the area.

We went to the Spring Hill area in Adam-ondi-ahman and was a location where Joseph could have spoken to a gathering of the saints.  David, Owen’s father, took the opportunity to bear his testimony to his children.  Loved to hear and have my kids hear the testimony.

I loved spending time here.  What a beautiful and peaceful place.

After dinner we had the chance to catch up with good friends, Rueul and Ivy Marie Reeder from NY.  He is here building the Kansas City temple and they are doing great.  Their son entered the MTC the same day as Brock.  So glad they had an hour to catch up on old times.

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2 Responses to Kansas City – Independence – Adam-ondi-ahman Missouri

  1. Kari says:

    I want to visit the Presidential libraries so bad! Looks like you guys had fun! Hope the weather was not too humid!

  2. Karen says:

    Love the photos. . . especially of the library.

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