Kansas City, MO to Nauvoo, IL

Tuesday morning we got and headed off to the Harley Davidson Factory Tour.  On our way we saw the new Kansas City Temple so we pulled over to take a few pictures.

We arrived at Harley Davidson.  You have to be 12 so Lindsay stayed in the store with Becky.  Brett was in HOG heaven literally.  He watched the short movie at the beginning of the tour and when he was them box up the finished motorcycle he decided that was the box he wanted for Christmas.  The tour was amazing.  They walked you thought the entire factory floor.  We were able to see robots welding gas tanks and bend pipes.   We say the bikes from the beginning to the end.  It was a great factory tour – highly recommend it!  The price is right at free.  At the end they give you postcards to send to anyone in the world.  Our lucky recipient was Brock.  Brett loves his new Harley t-shirt (the one and only purchased souvenir of the trip).

I wash this shirt every night and he wears it every day but Wed so far this week.

After the tour we headed to Far West.  The Reeders had said it was their favorite place.  I can understand why.  So peaceful and beautiful.  All that is there are the 4 corner stones and a few plaques and some restrooms.  Even still worth the trip to feel all that has and will happen there. 

Couldn’t get over how amazing the sky looked.  It looked fake.  Maybe my lack of blue skies with puffy clouds that just sit there is a foreign concept, but loved the skies.

We then headed to Nauvoo.  We had hoped to stop at Hannibal MO (Mark Twain town) but couldn’t fit it in on this trip.  I am amazed at how much fun riding in the car was.  We haven’t done a driving trip in a while.  The kids were great.  We rotated seats lots and loved spending time together.

We arrived in Nauvoo and found our cabins.  I had a chance to take a few sunset shots.  It was still hot and humid but happy to be there.  I was shocked that there weren’t more homes.  I was expecting lots of home and they weren’t there.  As the days there continued, I fell in love with Nauvoo.

Edge of the Mississippi River leaving Nauvoo

Statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith with an amazing sunset.

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3 Responses to Kansas City, MO to Nauvoo, IL

  1. Karen says:

    wait there is a photo with the sun in it!!!
    I love love love Nauvoo temple. If we didn’t grow up where we did I would say it is my favorite.

  2. Kari says:

    Where is a picture of Brett in his Harley shirt? i went running Navuoo down by the Mississippi and loved the look of the place when the sun was setting!

    • Kris says:

      Put one up just for you! I would have loved to run in Navuoo, but way toooo humid and hot. Mornings were mid 80’s with 80 – 90% humidity. Figured I should rest my legs after the race. (yeah that was my reason for not even bring my running shoes or clothes on the trip.)

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