Nauvoo – Wednesday

Wednesday started by taking a laundry run, waiting in line to get wagon/carriage tours tickets and Owen helping in the temple with the youth.  

There was a family picture at 10am.  I must say that the little kids were doing great (with the exception of Brett who was not happy about it all).    Still working to get the photos the best, but here is a sneak peak.

After the pictures, we headed out for our carriage ride of the farms and surrounding area.  It was hot, but I loved our tour guide.  He was an Elderly missionary couple.  You could tell of his great love of the gospel and the area.  3 or 4 times when he would get to a point in the tour where he’d bear his testimony – he would tear up while bearing of the truthfulness of what happened.  I loved that even though he has given the tour 100’s of times, how great his love of the gospel was. 

It was really hot, our wagon ride had been cancelled since it was too hot for the horses, so we headed to lunch and then back to the cabins to cool off.   After getting our core temps back down to normal we headed back out.  Brett’s favorite place of Nauvoo was the Browning Gun Shop.  The picture we took of the machine gun was looked at many many times by Brett.  He loved looking at all the guns in the home.  I found it to be very interesting on how the guns were made.

We visited a couple more stores/mail/printing press building before going to the visitor center to see High Hopes and Riverboats.  It is a musical put on by the college age “missionaries” who come out and serve a 3 month mission.  They were wonderful and the kids love it the show.  It is a love story set back in that era.

We had picnic dinners as we waited for pageant to start.  They cast puts on a “county fair” prior to the pageant.  There are so many activities for the kids/families to do.  Lindsay and Becky loved it.  Brett was getting to hot so Owen and him went for a drive in the car for an hour til it was time to the pageant to start. 

I must confess that I am a pageant snob.  Having grown up in NY and being part of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, I have a hard time liking other pageants (Mesa Easter, etc.)  I didn’t expect much more than an attempt to be like Hill Cumorah.  I LOVED it.  It was wonderful.  Totally different type of pageant, but it was so worth the 100 degrees with 90% humidity to see it.  So glad I could.  Lindsay took some great shots of the show for us.

I fell more in love with Nauvoo today.  Love this place.

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