Nauvoo – Thursday

We woke up bright and early to get to our 8:00 am wagon ride just in time.  It was so nice to be cooler, rather that HOT.  The wagon ride is a tour of Nauvoo and goes past many of the homes and buildings.  It is a great overview.  I suggest doing this first thing when you arrive to orientate yourself to the town.

An example of how the wagons got across the Mississippi River.

We then went to the important “give away” locations.  At the brick maker they show you how they made bricks back them.  At the end of that tour they give you a souvenir brick.  Next stop was the bakery for a gingerbread cookie.  Owen had sat in the car with Brett – too hot (it had now gotten hot and humid) so he was up for the Bakery.

Then we went to get our prairie diamond rings.  I know you all wish you could have one.  It was fascinating to me to hear how they built the wheels to the wagon and the axles to the wagons.  When you think that they made more than 3,000 wagons prior to leaving it is a huge undertaking.

Loved all the flowers around and at the waters edge.

It was fun while we were going around to see cousins around “town”.

After retrieving our many items we went to the Cultural Hall in hopes of being able to see Plain Old Anna Amanada. It was another musical put on by the younger missionaries and it was geared to younger children. It was good and the kids liked it.

Loved this scene of the Nauvoo Brass Band on an off street just playing and a missionary couple dancing away.  Love it here.

We headed to eat lunch and then dropped of the kids at the cabin to cool off.  Becky brought her chess board and had lots of great matches with Grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Owen and I headed to the Nauvoo temple for a session.  I have favorite temples for different reasons.  I counted and I’ve been to 17 temples so far in my life.  They are all beautiful and amazing.  I have a couple that stand out as special.  Washington DC was the one I grew up to going as a child.   The first time I went after being married, I didn’t get much farther than a few feet inside when I couldn’t control the tears.  It was like I had made it, even though I had been married for 5+ years and had visited many temple, this was different because it was my temple growing up.  It felt great to be there.  The Las Vegas temple will always be my favorite celestial room.  I remember walking in and the sun was streaming through a window and the thought that overwhelmed me was – This is what it will be like in Heaven.  The Nauvoo temple how holds a special place in my heart an amazing temple.  I loved everything about it.  Truly spectacular and amazing.  Don’t visit Nauvoo without attending a session.  I hope someday one of my children or relative or close friend will be married/sealed there.  Looking forward to returning again someday.  Loved my time there.

Dinner was great and then we (Lindsay, Becky and I) headed back to pageant and the before activities.  Becky and her cousin Tamie loved being able to go around and participate in all the activities by themselves. 

Learning a Welsh dance – they had bagpipes to play for them when they felt they were ready for the music.

Watching them go and buy snow cones on their own was great.  Lindsay, Stephen, Ally and Annie stayed with me and watch the pageant a second time.  Still amazing and loved it.

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