Missionary Monday – #2

Great to hear from you guys. Could you pick up and send my glasses?

So cool, can’t wait to see brett going crazy on his ATV. Teared up thinking about him and becky when I sang I am a child of God.

Also, bore my testimony about mothers teared up thinking about you.

Is he at the Provo MTC?  (Our good friends the Reeders who lived in NY with us son – entered the MTC the same day as Brock)

Great to hear that you guys are getting so much missionary work done 😀

We’re just doing role play practices and I think I got a real feel for the work.

A major point of MTC training is Teaching People Not Lessons.

Lindsay, how’s life? Hope you’re having fun.

Send pictures over email if you want,

love you,

-Elder Brock Allen

Brock leaves on Tuesday the 9th (tomorrow) for Mesa.  Here is his address there:

Elder Brock Allen

Mesa Arizona Mission

6265 N 82nd Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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