Springfield and Carthage, Illinois

We left Friday morning to go to Springfield, IL.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive.  The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library were there. 

I loved spending time finding out more about him.  It is a very well done museum.  They have a 2 page Detective Worksheet for the kids (Lindsay and Becky) to work on as they went through the exhibits.  The prize at the end was a huge motivator for Becky and having a reason to look at the exhibits was so nice so that they didn’t go 3x’s faster than Owen and I.   One half of the museum covers Abe prior to the White House Years.


The other half covers his White House Years.

They didn’t allow pictures in the exhibits, but trust me it ranks up there as one of my favorite Presidential Libraries/Museums.

I was once again impressed by all that he did while president and how much he did to help save America.  Worth every hour of driving it took to get there. 

Ate lunch at the Feed Store – a lunch place a couple of blocks – easy walking distance from the library.  Great soups and sandwiches. 

Flowers outside during the walk – couldn’t believe they actually liked the humid weather.

We then headed back towards Carthage, Il.  I love small towns.  I needed to mail a letter and when I got to the post office at 4:33 (needing to buy an envelope – not just stamps).  The postal worker asked me through the locked door and then brought around what I needed.  So nice,  THANKS.

 How can you not love Carthage Jail.  After being in Liberty jail, Carthage was not what I was expecting.  I didn’t expect the holding cell (the one with bars) upstairs.  I always knew that Joseph and Hyrum had been on the 2nd floor, but had remember that the jailer had let they stay in a different room than the cell.  

Loved our time here and it was neat to be there around the same time when Joseph and Hyrum had died. 

We headed back to Nauvoo  to attend another musical put on by the senior missionary couples.  We had a few minutes so we took pictures of the kids and flowers.  I loved all the background options. 

It was full of little skits about the many different types of people who lived in Nauvoo at that time.  They did a great job.  It was great to watch it with the rest of the family.

Lindsay and Aly and Annie headed back to the pre pageant activities.

Love the sunsets.

Owen, Brett, Becky and I headed to the Hotel Nauvoo for dinner.

We ended the week with all the family gathered in Grandma and Grandpa’s Lodge and had everyone say what had been their favorite part of the trip.  It was great to be with everyone.  The week turned out better than I had ever hoped.  Loved my time with Owen and the kids, loved the sites, museums, friends we saw.  Loved watching Lindsay, Brett and Becky hanging out and enjoying their cousins.  Glad Owen could play games late into the night with his brothers and had fun playing the night I did with them.  Thanks to Owen’s parents for planning and making it a wonderful family reunion.

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