Ten on Tuesday

1.  We got to talk to Brock this morning.  He sounded great and ready to go and serve.  We heard from the elder serving from our ward in his weekly email how that Brock will be serving in Apache Junction.  We’ll see if that holds true, but we are excited for him to GO TO WORK as is he.

2.  This past week has been so much fun going on walks with Becky and Brett each night.  We have rented/returned videos, played at parks, picked up Brock’s glasses.  The weather has been perfect and I love to be outside doing things with them.  Brett loved to show us how strong he is.  Still learning my camera phone.  Bad photo is better than no photo right?

3.  Thursday we had a great day down in Seattle at the Seattle Center.  We were helping a friend with her family reunion’s Amazing Race.  We were at a challenge and loved the sun and the fountain.  It was fun to watch as the families came to get clues.  Reminds me of how our family must have looked as we ran around Gatlinburg and Upstate NY competing in ours.  Thanks Greg and Nicolle for all the hard work you put into our races.  We love them.

Here are Brett’s shots of the fountain while we waited.

4.  We have a couple of amazing family friends who have/are moving away this week.  Our families have been forever changed by them.

5.  The Bell Family – Jana Bell has loved Becky since she was born.  She has had Becky over for cooking parties and loves.  Jana and Robin have both help to drive Brett to therapy and have watched the kids when we have gone away.

6.  The Cluff Family is a family you’d love to emulate.  Casey was YM’s president and in the bishopric for years.  The boys loved and respected him.  Barb makes you feel like walk on water whenever she talks to you or if you get a card from her.  Compliment flow out of her mouth and they are the genuine kind that lift you for days.  Their three girls are great and we love them all.  They are moving to Nauvoo, Casey is going to be the director of Restoration Nauvoo, Inc.  We are so excited for them.  What a one in a million chance for their family.  So excited to have a reason to go back and see Nauvoo and them sooner than later.  Can’t wait to hear all about living in Nauvoo and their new baby due in Oct.

7.  I got permission to add this to my 10 for Tuesday.  Owen has started a couch to 5K – 9 week program.  He ran last Sat. and on Monday.  I love it!!!!!!!  So in 9 weeks come and join us as we run the Owen 5K around Sammamish (fewest hill possible we promise).

8.  Saturday night was so much fun.  I was cooking dinner.  Shocker I know.  I am learning that I tell Owen have I have Chicken drumsticks was tonight’s meat option and he found me a recipe.  It was a peruvian dish.  It took a while (1 1/2 hours) but it was so much fun to spend time with Brett and Becky in the kitchen.  Brett peeled the cucumber for the salad and Becky made the rest of the salad.  I loved spending time with them in the kitchen.

9.  Owen and Lindsay are heading to DC this week.  Owen is speaking in a conference and Lindsay is touring college campuses.  I never toured campus, but how fun to go and visit Georgetown, American, George Mason and a couple of other colleges in DC.  What a fun place to go to school.  Not that Lindsay will probably go there, but she’ll have fun visiting college campus and feeling the campus feel.

10.  We had lots of fun last night for FHE.   A family brought their projector and screen and popcorn machine and we joined a number of families to watch a comedian.   My kids loved to play at the park and throwing popcorn to the ducks more than the movie, but once again outside it a great place to be.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    Maybe I will see if I can convince Bryant to do his own 5k in 9 weeks! Owen running will be a great motivator for him! Is there a training schedule that you are using?

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