Des Moines, Iowa

We woke up in Nauvoo and said good bye to half the families.  Then Lindsay and I headed out to take pictures.  Nauvoo is a photographers dream (okay without the humidity).  There are perfect backgrounds – stone buildings, red brick building, barns, split rail fences with fields behind, woods and very low traffic (cars or people).   Had lots of fun with Lindsay as she changed outfit after outfit.  Wish I had the photos, but she has commandeered them to her folders on the computer. If I ever get a hold of them I’ll post them.

We then headed back and said good-bye to the rest of the families and drove across the Mississippi River to go to Des Moines, Iowa to see my sister Karen and her family.

The older yout kids get. the more fun driving in the car with them is.  I had so much fun this trip with the kids. Some how Becky never got sick (miracles – we can rarely get to the airport without incident if she is awake), everyone was happy and I love my  family.

I loved seeing all the farms along the way where the highest thing on the horizon were silo’s.

Des Moines is a great town.  I love Karen’s home.  Perfect location!  We headed out to take pictures of her kids.  I must say that I’m learning more and more about taking pictures.  Not so good with posing families yet.  I enjoy taking pictures of kids being themselves though.  I was able to learn a lot about my Photoshop skills though.

This pictures was great of the kids – but Karen and Christ not jumping made for a bad shot.

There were other design problems – the green grass behind Jed, the coloring of the picture, the wood structure on the top left corner, etc.

Step 1 – do my basic Photoshop cropping and color fixing

Step 2 – remove Chris – sorry you’ve got to go.

Step 3 – Karen’s got to go along with the green behind Jed.

Step 4 – replace AnnMarie’s head and Will’s pants so they aren’t fading into thin air.

There you have it.  My 1st attempt at removing people from a photo.

Here are a couple more that I love – esp Karen’s and Chris’s expression – shows how much they love their kids.  Check out Karen’s blog along the side to see the other shots of her kids that she picked.

Thanks for helping me learn more photography lesson’s Scott’s.

After pictures, Chris, Karen, Owen, Linday and I all hit the town for a night out.   We ate at Jethro’s.  It has been featured on Man vs. Food.  Great food.  Lesson learned – when you ask the waitress how many onion rings come on the small plate vs large size and they look at you wierd.  That means THERE ARE TOO MANY TO COUNT.  Amazing onion rings and glad that for the 5 us we split plates.  Great food.

After dinner we got the tour of the city in A/C from Chris and Karen.  I’d love to go back and walk around downtown when it wasn’t so hot.

Headed back and got all the kids and headed to our hotel’s pool.  Lots of fun swimming with all the Scott’s.  Warmest hotel pool ever.  So much fun even Owen joined us.

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1 Response to Des Moines, Iowa

  1. Karen says:

    I have to say one of my favorite memories of the night was Owen and Brett playing in the Pool. Loved every min of it. And yes that was the best hotel pool ever. warm and big! Thanks for the photos!

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