5 on Friday – The Shopping Trip

I am not a huge shopper.  So today it felt great to be able to get 5 items checked off my list in the 50 minutes I had while Brett was at physical therapy.

Here goes the list:

1.  Wall Chart of Brock’s Mission – a number of families have these to help keep track of how long the missionary has been gone, how soon til they come home and where they have served.  Each change of color on the chart is a transfer.  Tried to find a wall that it would fit on and what do you know – Owen had the perfectly undecorated wall in his office.

I like it already!

I love that you can go to FedEx give them a 8×11 sheet of paper and voila they can print out a poster size chart!   As I was filling in the circles today, I thought man time is flying by!


2.  Next stop was Radio Shack.  Brett’s communication device is able to work with a computer if you have the right cable.  I’m sure that Owen has one in his many boxes, but he isn’t here and so I got one for Brett.  I figured the fact that it is retractable would make it that much cooler in Brett’s eyes.

We were able to get it up and running to send Lindsay an email with it.  Julie, Brett’s Speech Therapist, came over and helped us more.  It is amazing to see all that his device can do to help him better use the computer.  Watch out world, here comes Brett!


3.  Owen needs new running shoes – Brooks Beast size 11 width 4E (super wide).  Usually you can’t find them in stores and have to order them online.  Owen gets home on Sunday and leaves Monday, so I thought I’d try the local running shoe store just in case.  I figured what do I have to lose.  Lucky day – they had one pair.  Now Owen can take them with him next week, rather than wait for a new pair to come in the mail.  Beasts never are on clearance online unless you are men’s size 8 – so buying them at a store vs. online is about the same.

Oh new running shoes – every runners favorite day!


4.  I headed to Target next.  Becky wears one type of clothing below her waist.  Leggings – navy or black.  Once a month she might go crazy and wear something else, but leggings are what she loves.  I have learned that if they have navy and/or black – buy quick because those go first leaving you with bright pink.  I even know that is a fashion no no.

scored Becky pants and Brett a swimsuit and a couple of pair of pants as well.  Back to school shopping done (clothes wise)!


5.  Here was the hidden of the trip.  As I wandered Target looking for that thing which we really needed and that was totally marked down, I found Brett’s Christmas gifts.

Clone war lunch box – he got a newer one mid January – when no one has any and this was on sale for I figured great christmas gift.  Also there was a much higher quality blue light saber (than the one that broke the first try – bad cheap website).  Biggest trick is to remember where I’ve hidden them on Dec. 24th.  (note to self: blue tub in attic).


5 great things checked off my list and all in 50 minutes.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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1 Response to 5 on Friday – The Shopping Trip

  1. Karen says:

    nothing is better than running in new running shoes. I hope Owen Enjoys them next week and beyond!

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