Missionary Monday – #3

Well,  Brett was the lucky one who got an email today.  Not sure if more are coming or not so here is his note to Brett.


The flight was good, kinda took a while to get here but I’m at my mission.

I’m working hard and actually have a hard time waiting to get out and start working in the morning.

Take care of mom and everyone for me,


Elder Brock Allen

That is all – here is more info that we received from Owen’s Mom.

Elder Allen is with a fine companion – Elder Hennesson and they are one of three sets of missionaries serving the Papago Ward, they and a set of sisters and a senior couple.

The senior couple works only with less actives or non-attendees, the sisters have the families and the area of the reservation and Mesa, and the elders serve the families and area of Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Any Native American who wants to attend that ward can do so.  So it covers many, many square miles.

Papago  elders have a truck and Papago sisters have a car.  The  sisters also rotate at the Visitors Center.

Papago elders seem to stay a bit longer than most companionships, because of relationships with the members and investigators.

Borders of his area is immense.  Look at a map to Pima Indian
Reservation.  Being that they can travel into Phoenix, and that the Mesa Mission covers all of Scottsdale, North half of Mesa (north of US 60/Superstition Freeway), and East part of Phoenix, Elder Hill, the DL, shared with me his conversation with Pres Ellsworth about Elder Allen and ourselves.  Pres said “As long as they don’t abuse the situation, but definitely not shun him.”   I promised Elder Hill that we would not abuse the situation.  We do not want to jeopardize it.  He knew we would not, and it turned out that it was him who suggested that Elder Allen come into our home and say hi!  Which was a total surprise!

Also – they go to the Indian Reservation Community Center Library to use the computers to do their email, on Mondays. But Libraries are
closed on Mondays, so sometimes his emails will be on Tuesday.  Our elders go there when they have transportation, but usually just walk to our stake center bldg and use the computers in the Family History Center.

All the Elders refer to the reservation as “REZ”.  I’m glad that I can share some details with you that you might not get through his letters.

Another interesting thing Owen’s Mom discovered.

Great-Grandfather Elijah ALLEN served 7 years as a Missionary in the Papago Ward.

He and EmmaPearl were in Mesa with 4 young children (not Frihoff yet) when called to serve there and they moved to Lehi and bought a little home there.  Lehi is now north Mesa and is below the ‘mesa’ and that is where the first pioneer settlers settled. Several more children bore during that time.  After his release they moved back to Mesa and built a home near the temple.

Like I said, I’m trying to fnd more details.  This morning I went through what life stories I have of Elijah.

Isn’t that wonderful!  Brock is serving where his Great-Great-Grandfather served.  He doesn’t know that yet – but he will be happy to hear it!

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