Ten on Tuesday

1.  Wednesday the 10th, Brett had a follow-up visit with the orthopedic surgeon.  Brett’s x-ray looks great.  The doctor is thrilled to see Brett’s progress so far.  The main thing besides endurance that we’ve noticed is that his left foot drags sideways more than before due to weakened hamstrings.  PT is working on that so we are thrilled with Brett’s hard work and progress.  Most important thing is that the Dr. said he could go on a big ATV as long as he wore a helmet.  The count down to Sunday was on when he could talk to the Hansen’s (who had promised him a ride once his hip got better).

2.  Owen and Lindsay left on Wed. afternoon to head to DC.  The house sure was quiet and we missed them.  They had a great time with some funny hotel stories.

3.  Robin helped out this week and Brett and Becky loved it.  Okay – so did Kris.  Robin took the Brett to PT, Dropped off and picked me up from taking my car to the shop, Took Brett and Becky swimming and to the park.  It was fun to spend time with Robin before she leaves in Sept.

4. Walks at night-time are still a favorite with Brett and Becky.  Who knew being the leader was so important to each of them.   Brett has some serious skills at keeping people from passing him on the sidewalk/blacktop path.

5.  Brett is using his Vantage, communication device, so much more now than ever since we got it hooked up to the computer.  he is able to type emails using it and also look up really important things on Bing like green ATV’s, IronMan helmets, etc.

6.  Saturday Morning Brett had Soap Box Derby Car races just down the street at Discovery Elem (Becky’s school).  He had two amazing races.   He won his first my 2 car lengths and his second by 1/2 a car length.  Not sure which he loves more the ride down or the ATV pulling him up to the start.  A green ATV no less.  The morning ended with a lunch and trophies.

Brett on the racing blocks!

Heading down the Street – eyes on target!

Pulling farther into the lead!

Race #2 – still focused!

The trophie and smile say it all.

7.  One of Becky’s and Brett’s favorite places to ride their bike/scooters is on the basketball court on the way to school.  We play “turn”  they have to turn on the next line coming up.  I’ve learned to call out “turn” much earlier so they have time to react.  They also like to race across the court.  Becky is a great sport at letting Brett win some of the time.

In case you wanted to know – the geese are starting to head north.

8.  I LOVE Baseball games.  Even better when the Mariners are playing well.  Friday night I checked my email and someone was offering 3 tickets to the Sat night game vs Red Sox.  I responded and luckily was the first.  The seats were great.   17 rows up from the 1st base line just to the right of the net behind home plate.   There were just as many Red Soxs fans there as Mariners fans.  Whenever a play happened it didn’t matter which team had done it the volume was the same.  It was great to see the stadium almost full for once.   The M’s started out with a bang and had 5 runs in the first inning.  They were able to hang on with an incredible throw from Ichiro in first to tag out a runner at home plate.  Little shouting as the ref called him safe, later to be corrected to out, which got the Red Soxs coach a little bit mad – and eventually thrown out of the game.  Loved the whole night with Brett and Becky.   Only thing that would have made it better was Owen and Lindsay being there.  Man I love a GOOD baseball game, believe me we haven’t had too many of those with the M’s the last few years.

Ichiro on his first hit of the game – Home Run Swing!  This was taken from out seats – did I tell you they were amazing!  No zoom lense needed for this game.

Felix was pitching! Check out the ball between Felix and the hitter!

Becky, Me and Brett loving the Game!

9.  I’ve been hooked on HGTV’s Design Star.  I have learned though to go to the last 20 minutes of the show.  There you see the final projects, hear the comments from the judges and see who gets sent home that week without having to see all the drama.  They spend way too much time on the drama (and man is there drama) than on showing the work they actually are doing.

10.  My kids are ready to go back to school.  Brett was thrilled to be able to ride to school this morning to get his new student id.  He loves to get his picture taken for it.  He now holds it in his pocket.  The first time (in 6th grade – he is now going into 8th) he was convinced that it was a credit card and he could take it to the store to buy things.  Sorry Charlie – no go on that one.  Becky is waiting for friends to get home from trips to have playdates again.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. kindy says:

    Benjamin must have learned from Brett how to force people behind him on the sidewalk. I am constantly tripping over him as he steps directly in my path. Who builds the soap box derby cars? Owen in his free time? Loved reading Brock’s report. Just a little to do there!

    • Kris says:

      There is this amazing man now in his 70s. Who 30 years ago was building cars for his kids to race. He has a now 40+ son who is special needs – mostly mental. He wanted his son to be able to race like his other kids. He built a 2 person cars so that his son could be a rider. He built 10 cars and for the past 20+ years he goes around to 3 different locations in seattle and teams up with local rotaries and the do these races for special needs kids at no cost to the families. He and his wife are amazing examples of helping your kids live a great life even if they cant do it all.


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