Five on Friday – Sammamish

CNN and Money Magazine have issued their annual ratings of the “best places to live,” and Sammamish has finished in 15th place in the “small town” category in the USA.

I thought I’d tell you the top 5 reasons I LOVE living here in Sammamish.

Number 5 – I love that my kids can walk to school.  They can walk to Elementary School, Middle School and if they wanted to High School.  All have been much to cool to walk there but maybe Becky?  probably not, but I still love living this close to school.  I also love multi cultural area which we live.  My kids have friends from every continent.

Number 4 – I love the parks that are near.  I love Pine Lake Park – perfect place to play and swim in the summer.  Great dock and I have lots of fun memories of kayaking with Valine on the lake.

Number 3 – I love that we are close to Seattle and the Mountains without having to live in either place.  We only have to drive 30 -45 minutes and we have it all.

Number 2 – I love that I feel safe and secure.  My kids can play outside in the cul-du-sac and I don’t worry about them.  I feel safe with the traveling that Owen is doing lately.

Number 1 – I LOVE my friends who live here with me!  Who could ask for more!

Well, I can only think of 2 things that would make it perfect:

1.  A Dairy Queen – I know, but it really would.

2. My sisters and brothers to be able to visit whenever they want or I need them.


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4 Responses to Five on Friday – Sammamish

  1. Kari says:

    We would love to live closer too but….. Maybe in 12 years when Bryant retires!

    • Kris says:

      Kari – not that I would love you to live here, but what I meant that it would be amazing if you could come up anytime you wanted (meaning – money didn’t matter or time issues). That would be perfect. Not realistic, but perfect.

      Hope you have a great Saturday.


  2. kindy says:

    No DQ? what do you do?

    • Kris says:

      I have to drive all the way to Bellevue or Redmond (okay so 15 min is enough to control most my week moments).

      I don’t have it too bad – just not next door.


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