Ten on Tuesday

1.  No I didn’t forget Missionary Monday.  Brock had zone conference yesterday and so today is his pday this week. Looking forward to this week’s letter.  Hopefully sometime this afternoon.

2.  Last Sunday, I got home from a meeting and there were tickets to a show on the stairs for me.  As I headed to the Family Room after signing for my tickets, I saw a “fort” with all the blankets/chairs.  I was assuming that I was in treat for a puppet show.  Not at all.  Out pops up Brett.  He was had a baseball hat on sideways and a florescent green zip up hoodie on with the hoodie over his baseball hat.  He came out and started to “dance” for me – all gangster style.    Loved it.  I knew he’d never let me take a pictures, but it was so funny.  Thanks to Becky for being the producer.

3.  I waited all week with great anticipation for my newest discovery.  Well actually I had heard about it almost 6 months ago, but there were no locations close to me.  I found out that www.bountifulbaskets.org now  had a location close to me, Bellevue.  I figured what could it hurt to try it.  So on Saturday morning I got up and drove to find what great treasures my $16.50 was going to produce.  (he,he,he – produce -is what I was getting – sad when I have explain a joke)  I was impressed with what I got.

I was so happy to get:  2 heads of lettuce, 3 cucumbers, celery (okay so Owen was more happy about that than me), 5 ears of corn, 5 beets (I like beets a lot, just never think of buying them at the store), broccoli, sweet potatoes (trying to find recipes), fennel (had to look up that on the internet), white peaches, nectarines and mangos.  My goal is to use it all by Friday in time for next weeks baskets.  You have to order a basket on Monday or Tuesday (you still have time if you act quick today) and then pick it up on Sat.  Any good sweet potatoes or fennel recipes?  I tried one sweet potato recipe last night – not bad but nothing to write about.

4.  Becky and Brett loved going bowling last Thursday with Robin.  I loved getting lots done around the house – thanks Robin.

5.  Becky was able to find out that she has Mrs. Stead next year for school.  All the teachers that Brock and Lindsay had for 4th grade are no longer at the school (retired, had kids and quit, etc.).   This is the first time in a long time that we don’t know anything about the teacher.

6.  Soccer practice has started up for Becky.  Last week I learned that after a soccer practice – Becky doesn’t really want to ride home on her scooter.  Can’t imagine why?  Something about being tired.

7.  Lindsay is looking for jobs – anyone know of any?

8.  Owen is home this week – Yah!!!!!!   Yesterday he fixed Becky’s brakes on her bike.  When we got this bike from the neighbors it only had one brake.  Last week Becky was riding with friends and discovered  that her remaining brake was no longer working.  Good thing there is lots of grass around.  Now she has 2 brakes that work great.

The neighbors are traing for cyclo-cross season so she can now join the fun with out the fear of crashing or wearing out her shoes.  Thanks Owen!

9.  Brett is counting down the days until we get to go to the Hansen’s cabin to ride their Big Green ATV.  The other day he told me that his little power wheels ATV was Becky’s because he has a Big one now.   Leaving the cabin might be a hard thing for Brett to do on Saturday afternoon.

10.  I have been trying out a new eating plan.  Brushing your teeth, gum and water.   I figure if I have just brushed my teeth then I will not want to eat.  If I get hungry I try to drink water and then chew gum.  Also, I’m trying to eat small groupings of food every 3 hrs or so rather than picking all day.  We’ll see if it works.  I will say that trying to use all the veges at dinner sure makes me eat less of the main meal.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    Bryant loves sweet potatoe french fries = try that one! And they are healthier than regular fries!

    Tell Brett that I want to see a show the next time that I see him!

  2. kindy says:

    Tell me how the diet goes. I have ZERO motivation right now and I need some.

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