Five on Friday – Lindsay!!

Lindsay turned 17 yesterday so today is her turn!

1.  Lindsay has more style, looks and fashion sence in one minute than I’ve had in my entire life.  If I need to know if something goes or not -she is my girl.

2. Lindsay has an incredible eye for detail.  When she was little she could pick out when an illustrator missed a pocket on a dress from one page to the next.  She still can see when something is right or wrong.  She is great at editing my photo’s to tell me what I did wrong.  I remember showing her some before and after shots of other people’s photoshop work and I couldn’t tell the difference.  She could look and see differences in vibrancy (if that is a word) of the colors and which was sharper or not.

3.  Lindsay has a unbelievable love of Brett.  He melts her heart quicker and easier than anyone else on the planet.  Brett has her wrapped around his little finger.

4.  Lindsay can accomplish anything that she wants.  She wanted to go to DC with Owen a couple of weeks ago.  Owen said if she had 4 college tours planned.  In 2 hours she had 4 confirmed tours.  Not only did she book them  – she went to 2 tours by herself and 2 tours with a friend from EFY.  That is my girl!

5.  Lindsay never tries to hide who she really is.  She would never pretend to be one way with some people and another when with others.  What you see is what you get.  Take it or leave it.  I’ll take it!

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3 Responses to Five on Friday – Lindsay!!

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I love how much she loves my Annmarie! She still keeps talking about when she gets to visit Lindsay and “play” with her. She has grow up since the days of “crazy” lou lou. Wish I could have been closer for more but so happy to know I can talk easily with her. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

  2. Kindy says:

    We love Lindsay! I still remember Kurt Christensen driving me from the Institute to the Allen’s house so I could see your cute little girl! Those photos are beautiful! Must be a the girl and the the girl behind the lense. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

  3. Kari says:

    We love Lindsay too! My kids still ask when Lindsay is going to come back and stay with us! Our door is always open!! Happy Birthday!

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