Missionary Monday – #5

Hey that’s awesome about the new bishopric, and Brother Richardson should never get released. He’s the new Casey Cluff.

Here’s a crazy story for you:
Last week at church a short young brown gentleman walked up to me and shook my hand. I noticed immediately that he was wearing ocean shells and a fiber weaved tie. One of the necklaces said “Kiribati.” His name was Kristopher Dosela and he was a Navajo who served his mission in Kiribati. Now here I am, from Kiribati serving on the Reservation. God has a sense of humor.

Oh and he used to go on splits with my half-brother, Tikaua, back on the island. No big deal. Word had reached the Navajos up north that a goofy islander was serving on “the Rez” so he drove down to attend sacrament meeting. He gave me the necklace with “Kiribati,” and in-field language packet, and an Ana Boki Moomon. He thinks its weird that I speak english so well.



We had our first baptism last Saturday it was so cool. Brother Hannesson baptized the kid Clarence and I gave a lesson with the First Vision memorized (something our District in the MTC was never told to do but were supposed to appearently). I could really feel the spirit as I shared the importance of the baptism and the Restoration with Clarence’s family who were all non-member. Not a dry eye in the house.


The First Presidency recently instituted a new training program that requires 3 hours of study total each day. Its really easy to get into the scriptures and say all my prayers. They say I’ll be here for 6 months and may end up training the missionary who replaces me. Thanks for the cool genealogy. Elder Hannesson says he’s heard his name around the Rez. Its awesome to know I’m continuing the work of my Great-Great-Grandfather.

[Editor’s note: Brock’s Great-Great-Grandfather, Elijah Allen, was called to serve as Branch President on the Reservation for a number of years.]

I love you all, sorry I’m so slow in writing back. We only have an hour each week for this sorta thing.

Please continue to have FHE and Family prayers, I’m in a place where such things are non-existant.

Also, kick the missionaries butts into gear if they aren’t doing anything.

I love you Mom, Dad, Lindsay, Brett and Becky.

-Elder Allen

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