Ten on Tuesday

1.  This is the week that Brett has dreamed about since December 13th.

He was able to ride on a big ATV.  This is a great milestone for him with his surgery.

He loved every minute of his time on the ATV.  He even started to learn to “drive” it.  He would push the gas while we steered.  His smile didn’t stop for quite a while.

2.  I loved the chance to spend sometime in the mountains.  Once again, I think WA has got to be the best place around.  Where else do you get this, so close to your home.

3.  Lindsay had her birthday and is now 17.  Amazing how life flies by.

4.  I can’t believe that the summer is over.  This one has gone by quicker than any other one ever.  Wow is it really over?

5.  Last Thurs I was walking out of QFC with Brett and there were a group of people standing around watching something.  I wanted to see and it turned out to be the Sushi guy was taking on a 6 foot + 20 something kid.  Finally you see him grab two sushi trays from under the guys shirt and then the Sushi guys says, “No pay, no pay”.  How often do you get to see that.

6.  Then on Friday, I had dropped Brett at PT and was heading to do a few errands.  I was coming up to a red light.  There was a car turning left at the light (they had the green light).  All of a sudden a car crashed right into the left hand turning car.  The car never put on its brakes, etc.  It was so weird to actually see an accident happen right in front of you.  We see them on tv/movies so often, but rarely we actually see it happen.  I got to be a witness, but all that included was waiting around for a while and then getting to go.

7.  I love to get Brock’s letters.  I love being a missionary Mom.  I have heard lots of times how great it was.  I kept wondering what it would be like.  I’m not sure I can put it into words yet, but there is no greater joy than to read how he is doing and knowing that he is loving it, working hard, learning lots and growing in so many ways.  I love that he is learning, doing and being more than he could by staying home or going to college at this point in his life.  Very blessed and grateful to have such an amazing young man in my family and that I get the blessing of his service right now.  Love ya Brock!

8.  School starts today.  Lindsay was off early to get ready at her friend’s house.  Brett can’t wait to ride the bus and Becky is looking forward to riding her bike to school.  Me – I can’t believe summer is already over.

9.  Owen was home last week and I loved it.  Love being able to have him home and spend time with him.

10.  Loved hiking with Tamie last week.  Looking to many more adventures with her now that her youngest is in 1st grade and we don’t have an 11:15 pickup.  Anyone else want to come along?  We are hoping to have our grand adventures on Tuesday.

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4 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. jonathan says:

    What does it take to get on your Brock need mailing list?

    • Kris says:

      I post them here every week. You can subscribe to my blog and then you’ll get it (along with everything else I post) to your inbox each time I post. I post his on Mondays most often.

  2. Karen says:

    Love the photo of Brett!

  3. Kindy says:

    I agree that this was the fastest summer ever and I didn’t even have a son leave on a mission…does that mean mine are only going to get faster?

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