Five on Friday’s – Schedules

The kids have started back to school again.  I think this is going to be our craziest year of schedules.  Even more so than when I had 4 kids in 4 different school.

1.  Starting with the easiest – Becky.  School starts for her at the same time each morning.  She is the last to leave except on Wednesdays. She is loving riding her bike and the uphill on the way home is getting easier and easier.  We discovered yesterday that going when all the walkers are walking – is much tougher than when it is open sidewalks.  Looks like we’ll be heading out 5 minutes earlier.  She’s the last to get home on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  On Wednesday she has early release.  Two Wednesday’s a month she goes straight to activity days girls at church.  Tuesday morning she has piano before school and Tuesday/Thursday she has soccer practice at night.

2.  Brett goes to school the same time M/T/T/F.  Wednesday’s are late start we are talking a 3 hour difference in time.  He comes home first on M/T/T/F, with Friday being 15 min later because there is an extra rider on the bus.  Wed. I pick him up early from school to go to PT.  Monday he has speech therapy at our home after school.  Tuesday he has PT afterschool.  I drop him off and Lindsay picks him up on her way home from school so I can be back before Becky gets home.  Wed. before school Brett has speech therapy at home.

3.  Lindsay has a very different school year this year.  Her school runs on A and B days (same as last year).  They have 4 classes on A day and a different 4 classes on B day.  This year, Lindsay is taking a math class “off campus” so she doesn’t have to go to school for that class, which happens to be a first period class.  So on A days, she leaves very early for seminary and school.  On B days she doesn’t have to be at school until 2nd period of the day.  She also has late start on Wed., so when Wed is a B day she is able to sleep in for a long long time (not quite as long as in the summer, but long enough).  Lindsay has her math class a couple of nights a week.  She picks up Brett on Tuesday’s after school for me and for the next 8 weeks on Friday’s there is the ritual – get ready for the game, tail gate and Friday night Football game.  Many nights, I’m sure she will be going to more than one football game.

4.  My schedule is looking good.  Monday’s I work at the ad agency.  Tuesday are my adventure day and lets just say I can’t wait.  Our first one is planned for Sept 13th and we are going to go stand up paddle boarding on Elliott Bay.  I feel like Brett counting down the days til we get to go.  Anyone and everyone is invited to come.  Just let me know.  Wednesday is my day at home/errand/dr apt./lunch with friends – seeing as I have 3 hours from when the last one leaves til the first one arrives home, I’m looking forward to home time.  Thursday, I work at the ad agency.  Friday, I work at the construction company.   Just a note about my work, I usually work an hour or two each day I’m there.  On busy weeks I might work 3 or 4 hours, still leaving me time to do things while the kids are at school to do things.  Saturday and Sunday are spent with the kids and Owen having fun.  Loving life so far.

5.  Owen schedule is fly out Monday morning and fly home Friday night – 2 to 3 weeks a month.  He is usually at a conference for 3 or 4 days during a week each month also.   Lets just say that the mileage on is car is not accumulating very quickly, but his airline and hotel miles/points are adding up.

That said I am loving this school year so far – all 4 days of it.  The sun has been out, I’ve gotten my runs in every morning.  I’ve been able to bike to work two days this week.  Life is Great!

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1 Response to Five on Friday’s – Schedules

  1. Nicolle says:

    Sheesh, that made me tired just reading it! Kudos to you for keeping up with it all!

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