Ten on Tuesday

1.  No letter yesterday – so guessing that their P-day changed to today.  But we got a picture of him from the Stake President’s wife who feed him breakfast.  Looking forward to a letter today.

2.  School started last week and everyone is enjoying classes, teachers and friends.  I have enjoyed time myself.  If seems like so long since I’ve been productive.  Last week it was so fun to feel like I was organized, accomplishing tasks and getting back to being me.

3.  On Wednesday morning Brett rode his bike to school so that he could have it there for PE (he cruises the track with it) and once a week they walk to the store to buy something (Brett always buys chocolate milk).  He also uses it to go the long distance (room to lunch, etc) at school.  I have been surprised how much I miss not having it at home.  We went on so many walks this summer and with the nice weather, I would have loved to have done more walks this week.

4.  Our good friend Art Vikari passed away last week.  He was an amazing friend, dad, husband, oral surgeon and bishop.  A couple of my favorite memories of him include: having an easter egg/candy hunt in their unfinished home (they hid candy in all the open walls, etc); fishing trips on their barge on Pine Lake; His time he spent working with Brock when Brock was 14 -15; his favorite boy scout saying “There is only one time we don’t believe in Eternal Life – When you are in scouting and are working on your Eagle racking; I love his faith and hard work to try to get better over the past 3 1/2 years.  Our love and prayers go to his family.

Art was on of the people that Brock asked to join him at his Eagle Board of Review.  He is the tall gentleman on the right.

5.  Have loved the sun and blue skies we’ve been having.  It makes everything fun.  It is nice to see that our summer (which skipped July) has decided to stay around a bit longer than the month of August.

6.  Yesterday, I decided to clean the inside of my car.  Brett wanted to help so I let him water the floor mats for me.  He did such a good job on those that he then watered my flowers in the front.  He even tried to water Becky and her friends as they came outside to play.  Oh to have a teenage brother with a hose.  Lucky girl.

7.  I have loved the time we have spent as a family this past weekend.  I have amazing kids and an incredible husband.  So happy for all that they do for me each week.

8.  I have loved getting the fruits and vege’s each week.  I have loved having someone else decide what vegetables I get to cook for dinner.  I was surprised that this last week which had tons of fruit (personal watermelons, peaches, pears, prune plums (the box they were in said Candy on all the sides – love them), etc) which I loved, I was sad that there weren’t more veges (green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, kale).  I am so proud of myself that I am enjoying the vege’s so much that I want more and more veges.

9.  Yesterday after Becky’s piano lesson we made a donut run.  It has been forever since I’ve had Krispie Kremes and they even had the powdered jelly filled – my favorite of all favorite kind.  They were amazing, but prices surely have gone up.  Guess it will be another couple of years before I go back.  I have absolutely NO control when it comes to powdered jelly filled.

10.  I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with.  It is always an adventure being self-employed.  Owen is doing an amazing job at working hard.  So grateful for prompting and how Heavenly Father is always there to help us along the way.   I know I couldn’t do it without his help and assurance that we are doing the right thing.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I almost texted you to tell you you were a whole day early. . . but then I realized that just because the kids didn’t go to school yesterday does not make today Monday. Love the photos of Brock

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