Five on Friday – Mary Lindsay Jensen

My grandmother was born 92 years ago last Saturday.  She is an amazing women.

1.  I remember going to her house when I was little to play dress up and to walk across the balance beam.  They had a full size one in their backyard.  I loved going to her house to play.  When we moved from Colorado (end of 1st grade), we brought with us the balance beam, just cut down to very low for our backyard.

2.  My Grandmom was the most welcoming entertainer.  She could cook for a king.  I remember being in charge of a large dinner and the first thing I did was call her to get a food ideas.  It turned out great and was easy, but impressive.  If you stop by her home, she feels a need to feed you something.  As she has gotten older, we love that her food offered are ice cream bars.  Yum!

3.  Family – Family meant everything to her.  Their family reunions were some of the first that I remembered.  I will never forget the look on her face as she knelt down on the front yard grass with her hand on her heart when we told her that my mom was flying in an hour (her flight had been delayed so she could show up with us) because she had had a baby the week before.  My Grandmother didn’t know my mom had been pregant with her nineth child.

4.  My Grandmother is not ashamed to do what it takes to get a good picture.  She will make faces, dance around, you name it for the sake of a good picture.

5.  My Grandmother has a legacy of service and faith.  She contines to serve in everyway that she can.  I hope that I can service as long as she has.

I also am lucky to have her name.  My grandmother’s great grandmother’s name was Mary.  My Grandmother was the 4th generation to be named Mary.  My Mom’s first name is Mary, but goes by Kathy (her middle name).  My first name is Mary, but I go by Kris (my middle name). Making me the 6th Generation to carry on the name of Mary.  I was honored to name my daughter Mary Lindsay.  Lindsay happens to be my grandmother’s maiden name so Lindsay truely has her Grandmother’s name.  What a great name to carry.  Love you Grandma!

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1 Response to Five on Friday – Mary Lindsay Jensen

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Love the photo of her from Colorado.

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