Ten on Tuesday

1.  I know other things happened first this week, but this was the greatly anticipated event.  It ranks up there with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween/pumpkin carving night for Brett.  It is his yearly fishing trip on Lake Washington.  C.A.S.T. http://www.castforkids.org/ is an amazing organization which promotes fishing for kids (of all kinds).  Once a year they have a special event for kids with special needs.  Each child is paired with a fishing captain and boat.  They get 2 1/2 hours fishing.  The fishermen are fishing enthusiasts with all the bells and whistles.  They bring all the “toys” (ie. sonar, under water cameras, etc), but most importantly their love of fishing and of kids with them that day.  Needless to say there are lots and lots of pictures – you might think there is only one item today, but no keep scrolling down there is more are still 10.

The morning starts with meeting your captain and climbing onto the boat.

We went and found the perfect spot.

Got the fishing poles loaded with bait (he even had the double hook lines – very nice – along with perch as the bait – who knew that perch are cannibals)

After catching lots of seaweed fish, we finally caught one!

If Brett’s didn’t have his hands on the fishing pole, he was looking in the water for the fish.

He loved every moment – love his smile.

This was one of the last of the 14 fish that we caught being pulled in.

Look at it’s size.

Watching so he can learn how to drive someday.

Beautiful sunny, warm day – no better way to spend the morning.

2.  I learned (was reminded) a few things today about being a photographer.  I like to be part of the action much more than being the picture taker sometimes.  I would be fishing with Brett and it was hard sometimes to keep my line going with one hand and trying to take a picture with the other hand.  Also a boat is a really small place to try to get the whole shot in the frame sometimes.  Also, I need to remember that soccer games – you need the zoom lens to get the shots a ways away.

3.  When I got home the from Lake with Brett, I headed with Becky to her first soccer game of the season.  She did great and so did her team.  Playing on dirt/small rock fields is tough when you go down.  Becky didn’t go down once and she looked great.

4.  We got home from soccer and Owen and I were planning go head out to dinner prior to evening session of Stake Conference.  I had gotten the second load out of the car and Becky asked me what the bugs were on top of the windows in our living room.  I saw a few bugs so went to get the fly swatter.  After killing a few yellow jackets, I realized we had a problem.  There were 20 or so yellow jackets on our front windows – inside the house.  Needless to say I got Owen and went to buy bee spray.  I stopped first at the neighbor who has everything.  He had some bug spray and I ran back home.  50 bees later, I headed out to get more bee spray turns out we had a hive somewhere.  When I got back home this is what I saw along the window sill.

Owen had found a small (bottom of a pen cap) hole in the ceiling where the vaulted ceiling start.  The bees were coming in from there.  We walked around the outside of the house armed with our bee spray cans.  We found where they were entering the eves of the house and sprayed away.    Once we had sufficiently soaked the outside perimeter of the house we headed back inside to stop up the hole to the inside of our house.  I got the latter and blue painter tape (figured that would come off the easiest).  I had a piece of paper towel to dry off where we had sprayed the hole in hopes of killing more bees – we applied very liberally.   As soon as I put any pressure on the wall – our very very small hole became a hole the size of a pop can.  Needless to say I jumped and the tape fell down the floor.  Needless to say I was not very calm asking Owen to pick up the tape to hand it to me.  No bees were coming out, but I didn’t want to spend much more time up there than was needed.  Now you can see my amazing tape job and Owen’s amazing spray job.

Looking forward to the 3-5 days of checking to make sure the bees are all dead.  Then the fun part of fixing the ceiling – trust me – I’ll hire that out.

At this point the score is Kris and Owen armed with bee spray are amazing bee killers.  Bees –  100’s are dead as of the moment.

5.  Owen spent Saturday morning up in the mountains with the guys from church shooting guns.  He told his friend – you know it is a great morning when your choices are shooting in the mountains or fishing (with Brett).  You can tell by post number one – which he chose.  He had a great time.

6.  Monday we had a luncheon for another (we are having too many of these) good friends who is moving.  Anita Hansen and her family are leaving at the end of the week for a new job.  We are excited them for their new adventure.

7.  So proud of Lindsay.  She is amazing.  I hope to have her quality of doing the right thing even if it is hard.  Love you Lindsay!

8.  I love that piano lessons have started up again.  I love to hear piano again.  Last night after Becky finished her assigned pieces, she played from all her old books for us.  Brett and I were able to throw a tennis ball in time to her music as we played name that tune.

9.  Started working on family history again and am amazed at how much there is to do.  I haven’t worked on it for a while and love to be able to jump back in.

10.  Today day is our First Adventure Tuesday.  I am looking forward to the fun the 11 of us are going to have this morning.  Don’t worry, there will be pictures and a post tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Love love love the photos of brett. Love that his smile can make anyone smile even in a photo.

  2. Kari says:

    Bryant is so jealous that Brett got to go fishing! I need to send a picture to Brett of Bryant and his tiny fish that he caught! So sorry to hear about the bees! We had a swarm attack our house once. Lucky – Bryant completed emptied 2 cans of bee spray on them and they have never come back! Love Brett’s smile and how can you play soccer on rocks? Where is the grass?

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