Adventure Tuesday – StandUp Paddle Boarding

Yesterday was Amazing!  Huge disclosure (I bought a disposable water proof camera – quality of photos aren’t great, but you get the idea – first picture is from Sheryl’s land camera)!  Our group was amazing. We had women of all ages (33-60).  It was so much fun to get to know everyone better.  Lots of laughing and wonderful memories were made.

We had so much fun.   We meet at the Sammamish Park and Ride.  11 brave GI Jane’s showed up.  Of the 11, only 3 had ever been StandUp  Paddle Boarding before.  Some were nervous, but all were willing to give it their best.

Once we got to Surf Ballard, we rented our boards.

They have a great cart (to the right of the picture above) which will carry 9 boards to the water.  We got to the shore and after a 1 minutes lesson, everyone put their boards in the water and stood up!  They were amazing!

We spend a few minutes getting our sea legs and then headed on our adventure.  StandUp Paddle Boarding is not an “endurance” sport.  It was so nice to be on the water and exploring the area.  We went along the shore and went to the Ballard Locks.  There were 3 seals which were excited that we had come to play.  (if you look really hard you can see one of their heads popping up in the water)

After visiting the locks we headed towards Discovery Park.  It was beautiful scenery.  We still had plenty of time so we headed to the Marina.  The water was so calm and smooth in there.  I was amazed at how tranquil it was to just paddle around.

On our way back to the shore, Jen Olsen decided to go under the pier.  It was amazing there.  It was a very, very low tide and the water was very clear.  It was so cool to see all the sea life attached to the piers and the jelly fish floating in the water.  It was like paddling through an aquarium.  Such an cool and very unexpected bonus.

When our 2 hours were up we headed back to the shore and shop.  So much fun, I can’t wait til next week!  We are heading up the Mountain to bike the John Wayne Trail from Hyak to Iron Horse State Park. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come!  Next week good pictures I promise.  I am trying not to covet a non-disposable water camera for our water activities.

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2 Responses to Adventure Tuesday – StandUp Paddle Boarding

  1. laurahartson says:

    love doing this. such fun!!

  2. karenscott24 says:

    how awesome. someday I want to be as cool as you 😉

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