Five on Friday – Favorite Foods

1.  Starting at the beginning of the day – I love Raisin Bran Crunch.  I think I have eaten this cereal for 75% of the morning of my life for the last 20 – 25 years.  Call me a girl of habit, but I love it!  Plus I have to get my milk each day.

2.  Activia Cherry Yogurt – they have the biggest and best cherry’s in the yogurt EVER!!!  Love it, but so does Brett so must eat at the correct times not to be caught.

3.  Dave’s Killer 21 grain Bread —  simply the best yummiest bread around.  It is even “good” for you.  Costco sells it in a two pack.  Try it you will not be disappointed.

4.  David and Harry’s chocolate covered bing cherries.  Heaven, need I say more.

5.  Riesen chocolates.   I have to be very careful with theses since everyone in my family likes them.  Latest trick is to leave the bag in the car.  Works two ways – no one in the family sees them and two – I only eat them when I’m in the car (which hasn’t been too much since I’ve been biking to work lately).

Well there you go – my 5 most favorite foods of the day (or at least the ones which I could think of at the moment).

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1 Response to Five on Friday – Favorite Foods

  1. Karen says:

    must be nice to beable to leave things in the car and they don’t melt 🙂

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