Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love Owen’s sence of humor and his love.  Last Wednesday, I had gone to REI to look at books or see if they had any ideas for adventures.  I happened upon their shoe clearance.  They had some amazing deals and I had 4 pairs of shoes pulled out that I didn’t “need”.  But was doing a great job of rationalizing why having them would be very good for me.  I had talked myself down to one pair.  A pair of green Keen’s.  My covet shoes for many years – I had purchased many wannabee’s hoping that I’d get a pair of Keen’s, but never happened.  These were half price and perfect!  So to justify my guilt I texted Owen,  “Tell me it is okay to buy a pair of keens that are half price”.  I knew he’d say yes, but I love his response.  “Will you please buy a gift for my wife?  I hear there is a sale on Keens, and I’d like her to have them.”  next text  “And while you are at it,, pls tell me what a keen is”  “love you”.  What do you know, When I got home there someone had bought me a gift of a pair of Keens from Owen.  Sure love him.

2.  I know I have said this before, but I’m amazed at how much food I get with the Bountiful Baskets.  Last Saturday it was amazing.  I got a huge bag full of veges and an equally full bag full of fruit.  I love that our family is getting use to having fruit and vege’s as normal parts of our diet now.  Lindsay even grabs a cucumber and peels it and eats it now as a snack.

3.  Becky was amazing on Saturday as she went around to our neighbors asking them to help with the food drive this coming Saturday.  She handed out flyers and had little to no fear.

4.  Brett loves nerf guns.  He has 4 that he tries to keep loaded and ready to go often.   Anyone who comes into the family room is invited to participate in some friendly fire.  He will happily share with you his arsenal.

5.  Friday, Owen caught an early flight home and was home by 6:20 (rather than 8:45 or 10:30).   It is amazing what 2 hours early does to make it seem like a longer weekend.

6.  This is one of the few times in the 15 years or so of taking Owen’s shirts to the cleaners (I don’t iron) that something that didn’t need to be laundered or dry cleaned ended up.  A t-shirt of mine, that I really like, but would never need to be dry cleaned/laundered somehow found it’s way in the pile. It must have heard from all of Owen’s shirts about their day at the spa and wanted a day there too.  I got home and was surprised to see it handing up all nice and neat on a hanger.  Uggg.  The only other thing I remember getting sent in by mistake was a baseball hat one time. They washed and cleaned it.  I can’t believe they did it – really I want my baseball hat cleaned.

7.  Becky had soccer on Saturday on a GRASS field.  So much nicer than on a dirt/rock field.  She did great.  She is a great defender (imagine that from a Sherwood).  I love to watch her play.  Love how she is learning to clear the ball out from the pack of girls.

8.  Monday I spent most of the day, planning and scheduling for our Adventure Tuesday.  Turns out we have 25 women + 5 kids (in tow) riding their bikes from Hyak to Iron Horse State Park.  Coordinating bike racks/trucks has been a fun challenge.  It looks like, with a help from a spreadsheet, all will make it there.  Check back tomorrow for the full report.

9.  Becky and Brett and I headed to a nearby school (where Becky went to Kindergarten) to play on the playground equipment for a little bit.  There was a nerf football lying on the ground.  I didn’t realize that Brett had pick up how to play so well.  Those games he has been watching with Owen have really paid off.  He was so funny as he had to get on the line for every play to start.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when he was an amazing quarterback.

10.  Lots of thanks to Tracie Ard (Tamie’s husband) who gave bike mechanic’s 101 to Tamie, Soni and I.  We figured it would help to have someone who knew now to change a flat tire tomorrow.  Nice also to know that Michelle know how to change one.  Between the 4 of us we are ready to help any stranded biker.  We are really going with if you are prepared, then nothing will happen.


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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    I am so glad that you got some Keens!!!!!!!!!!!! And half off even better. I thought Owen would have known about Keens. Slightly jealous of your fun adventures. Someday I’d love to come too!

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