Adventure Tuesday – Biking from Hyak to Cedar Falls

I have loved the fact that some of my dreams are being checked off.  I have wanted to ride a bike from Hyak (top of the Snoqualmie pass) down (note the DOWN) to Cedar Falls along the John Wayne Trail for years.  I had first read an article in a biking magazine shortly after we moved here in 2000.  Owen road this trail (old railroad route which has been converted to a trail) with the scouts.  Brock road this with the scouts and again when he as 16.  I had my chance a 4 years ago when Bryon and Janice came to visit us.  I made it about 2 1/2 miles in when I remembered that I had left the keys to the car at the bottom, locked in the car at the top.  Needless to say I was bummed at having to turn around and go back to the top.  Telling myself I’d be back.  Shortly after that they closed the tunnel (the first 2 miles of the trail), so I was bummed that I might not be able to ever get to do it.

Fast forward to the middle of August.  I was talking with Tamie, my most amazing, fun and hardworking friend.  Can you tell I love her!  Her family had just walked through the tunnel and her son rode down with her husband.  The tunnel was open!!! (It has reopened on July 1st.)  Needless to say, I was determined to ride it prior to anything else happening.

This was one of the adventures that helped me decide that I wanted to do Adventure Tuesday.  It was apparent that a lot of other people had the same dream.

Yesterday we had 23 women who joined us for the ride.  There were also 5 kids who came along for the ride (in bike trailers and bike car seats).

The weather was PERFECT!!!! For the cold and rainy summer that we’ve had yesterday was all sun and perfect temperature.  What a way to ride through beautiful mountain trail.  Loved every minute and every view.

I didn’t get to pull my camera out for all the bridges, forests and fields that we rode through.  I just hope that each of you sometime gets to go on this ride.  It is beautiful and breathtaking.

Just to help you plan your travel plans better – the tunnel is closed in the winter time, but if you want to ride this trail (with me of course) then come between May – October and I’ll be there right beside you.

See I do actually put a picture of me in this blog from time to time and here is a picture of the ever amazing Tamie Ard (thanks to her husband who for FHE on Monday taught us how to change a bike tire -and thankfully we didn’t have to use our new knowledge yesterday).  One of my favorite part was yesterday when I was loading the pictures of all the women up onto Facebook, I loved it that Facebook facial recognition had grouped Tamie and myself as the same person.  Looks like Facebook knows how much I love and am grateful for Tamie as my friend.

I am learning a few things with these adventures.  I have always been optimistic about my times.  I need to allow and plan for much more time when more than a few people are involved.  Grateful for the fun and friendships that I am building because of these Adventures.

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