Missionary Monday – #7

Just a note – if I don’t post anything here on a Monday (or Tuesday morning) it means that there was no email home or the email said – not much time to write – love ya!

Here is this week’s:

Crunched for time again sorry. Hopefully these photos will make it up to you till I can actually hand write something to you.

I think I totally forgot to tell you but I helped slaughter sheep for a party on the Reservation. That’s my hand helping aim the blood into a bowl for blood pudding. (Mom’s note – I have the picture on the home computer, but I’m not going to put it on my blog – you’ll have to some and visit me if you want to see that picture).

It was pretty cool to see how you prepare meat traditional Navajo style.  (As Owen told Brock in his email reply: “Glad to know that we finally have someone in the family who can manage our livestock.  The job is yours!”)

The last picture should be of our latest (my 2nd and 3rd) baptism with Renee and her daughter Sarah (who is blind).

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