Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have been impressed by the goodness of people this past week.  We participated in the Sammamish Kick off to the month of concern.  Becky went to our neighbors to ask for donations for a food drive.  I had been asked to help coordinate the staffing at the local grocery store (QFC) and the help to get the food from the grocery store to the collection site (church) and to staff the church for sorting and delivery of the food to the warehouse.  The Young Men and the Young Women of our church are amazing.  They worked all day long getting the food that was donated from the store to the church, bring the food from the cars and trucks to the cultural hall.  Then they sorted the food and packed it.  They did this from 10 – 7 pm.  Then the Young Men (14-18) showed up to move 13,500 pounds of food to the food bank warehouse.  It was amazing to watch them all work hard and have lots of fun.

2.  LOVED President Uchdorf’s talk Saturday for the R.S. broadcast.  I totally want to find some blue forget me not’s to have on my kitchen sink window sill.  What a talk for the ages.

3.  Becky had a wonderful soccer game.  After 15 shots on goal with none going in during the 1st half.  The shots started to go in during the 2nd half.  Becky scored!  I know that it is amazing that a descendant of a Sherwood scored.  Below is the “Kick” that scored a goal.

Looks like Becky is starting to learn to use her arms and elbows!  Thanks my girl.

4.  I went to Becky’s curriculum night last Wednesday.  I realized (happily) that we are almost at an end of an era.  Only one more curriculum night at Discovery Elementary. We will have made it to 15 curriculum nights and only 1 more to go.

5.  This past weekend with Owen home was amazing!  It was so nice to have him here. Saturday after a day on leaving the house around 7 and getting home (beside brief stops at the house to drop off or pick up someone), Owen made dinner!  Love that guy!

6.  Just to give you and update on my vegetable/fruit eating and gum chewing and water drinking focus plan (not a diet).  I am so happy to report that I have lots 10 lbs since school started.  Only 1 /3 of the way to go.  At least I’ve finally lost the weight I put on over Brett’s surgery/Owen around the world trip.  The scale is finally starting to be my friend again.

7.  I like that at work things are starting to feel like I know what I’m doing.  I have been through enough cycles at the ad agency that I know what to expect and have been able to get the most accounts reconciled.

8.  Yesterday it rained and I really missed not biking to work.  I am looking forward to hiking today for my adventure.

9.  I hate that my sisters are tempting me with something so far in the future that I want to do it now!   2020 is WAY to far away.  Can’t wait.

10.  My granddad who is 92 just had surgery on Thursday.  His goal in life right now is to live longer than his wife so he can always take care of her and that she will not have to live on her own.  He is a great example of loving and caring for his wife.


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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    CONGRATS!!! on the weight loss. Amen to Granddad. He is an awesome man.

  2. Kari Rockwood says:

    Loved Pres. Utchdorf’s talk too! Amen again to Granddad and way to go on the weight!

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