Missionary Monday – #8

Brock was referring to his sheep experience from last week – “Yeah, it was definitely a crazy experience. “And I thought they smelled bad on the outside” to quote Han Solo in Episode V.”

Sorry I’ve been so bad this past month with keeping in touch. For some reason I feel so lost trying to use a computer nowadays.

Anywho, the work goes on. We should be having a baptism  for 2 more this Saturday both of whom my companion has been working since he got to this area.

I got sick pretty bad last Sunday the 25th because of the meds for my neck. Note to self: do not talk powerful medication while trying to fast. I’m all better now but I missed out on going to Sacrament meeting that day. I sleep a lot more soundly than I ever did before my mission, I guess that means I’m working pretty hard.

Mesa Arizona is definitely a baptizing mission. We have 9 scheduled for the future and its been a slow past couple weeks. Yet Elder Hannesson says I’m on route to have more baptisms in my first couple transfers than some missionaries have their entire mission. That’s okay, one thing all missionaries give each other a hard time about is the fact that numbers don’t matter. Not so much in a sense that we need to abandon record keeping but that numbers don’t always reflect the full efforts of missionary. Hahaha I wonder if the same is true vice versa? Does having a lot of baptism make me a bad missionary?   I guess the movie “The Best Two Years” conditioned me to think I’d be lucky to get one baptism.

A hint for future missionaries, continually pray for FAMILIES that have been prepared for baptism. It helps.

Anyways, I just loved General Conference. Mom, we’ve been hearing a lot about President Uchtdorf’s talk at the Relief Society Broadcast. My favorite out of all the sessions would have to be D. Todd Christofferson’s talk about how the philosophies of men deceive us to believe that repentance is either unnecessary or impossible. The call to repentance has never been so relevant to me until now as a missionary as I constantly look for ways to not only improve and repent myself but also as I invite others to do so as well. I was moved by the continual urgings by the Prophet and Apostles that WE ALL MUST REPENT. I can testify that everyone, from the most of desperate of sinners to the most righteous of Saints needs to come the Redeemer and repent. It is the same deceiver that tempts us not to pray, who tells us we don’t have to repent, yet. Be clean now, it is as tragic to think you are too sinful to repent as a patient who thinks they are too sick to see the doctor. I know Heavenly Fathers knows me, and he knows you as well, and he wants to bless us in our efforts to fulfill our divine potential.

I love you all, and I know that as I serve my mission, others will serve and love you in my absence.
Never worry for me,
-Elder Allen

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1 Response to Missionary Monday – #8

  1. Karen says:

    love this “others will serve and love you in my absence.Never worry for me,” what a great example and a strong testimony.

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