Ten on Tuesday

1.  Can I just say, not for the first and I know not for the last time, I LOVE HAVING A MISSIONARY OUT.  I love love love to get Brock’s letters and know that he is where he is suppose to be, doing what he is suppose to do and becoming who he is suppose to be.  It is the greatest to have a missionary.  Love my Elder Allen.

2.  Brett is growing up.  The funniest thing I have noticed is that his laugh is lower.  It is hard to tell that his voice is getting lower since he doesn’t say many words.  But lately when he is laughing it is so much lower of a laugh that it makes me chuckle.  Who know my 13 year old son who still loves to snuggle and is convinced that if he had boots like Iron Man he could fly – is becoming a man.

3.  Sometimes when you hear what your kids are actually thinking about acting in a certain situation, you are amazed and think – where did that come from.  Lindsay had me laughing this past week.   When I asked her really you would do that – her response was why wouldn’t you?  How else to you keep yourself from going crazy.  She love her mind.

4.  I  love when your kids start to “get” where to be in a soccer/sports game.  Becky had her break through moment last Saturday in her game.   The other goalie had gotten the ball and the teams turned to run down the field.  Becky was watching the goalie and saw where she was throwing the ball (Goalie was slow and pretty obvious) but Becky was the only player who shifted where they were.  Becky moved to the right spot, trapped the ball and kicked it in for a GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!   Way to go Becky.

5.  I had the chance to stand outside the local grocery store for 3 hours on Saturday to pass out fliers and invite shoppers to help out with the City of Sammamish’s Month of Concern Food Drive.  We are helping out for 5 weeks (this was the 2nd of 5 Saturdays).  I have never done this before.  It was great to see the generosity of the people in the community.  Some that I thought wouldn’t donate – brought out more for us than they had gotten for themselves.  It was great to watch Dad’s with their kids donate.

6.  I was reading this blog last week about fall mantels.  http://theletteredcottage.net/fall-party/   They have hundreds of different people who have put their fall mantel blog entries up for you to look at.  I realized that I haven’t done anything with mine for 8 or so years.  Maybe it was time to be wild and crazy and change things up.  So after a bunch of different stores (loved the finds at Marshalls and Ross) I combined all that I wanted.  Only problem now was I couldn’t get it to look like I wanted.  I knew I had stuff that would look good, just don’t have that placement ability.  So my good friend is coming over today to help.  Here’s a look at the old mantel.

Check back on my Five on Friday to see the completed mantel.

7.  Loved watching General Conference this past weekend.  Seemed like my kids were much more wiggly this time, so I’m looking forward to rereading them soon.  Loved to see President Monsen and how animated he seemed to be.  Love his joking and love and mostly his spirit.

8.  Owen has been busy traveling the west coast.  He spent time in Utah, Arizona and So Cal this past week.  Miss him at home, but next week he is all mine (okay except for that training all week long on the MSFT campus).  At least he will be home at some point every night.

9.  Brett was so funny on Sunday.  He LOVES Iron Man.  He got out his Iron Man costume for 3+ years ago.  Let just say that it still techically fits him (as in he can get it on).  He has no body fat so you have a stretchy suit that comes to his mid calf and mid forearms.  He would never let me get his picture of him, but man is that kid skinny.  But he loved to fight justice.

10.  I actually bought jeans last week.  I couldn’t believe that when I was in a hurried and really needed to find some that in 10 minutes be able to walk out with 3 pairs that I love.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.  Thanks Marshalls.

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