Adventure Tuesday – new gear

Since there wasn’t an Adventure Tuesday, I thought I’d show you the new gear I bought for future Adventure Tuesdays.

I have loved to get pictures while we are doing the activities.  I have found a couple of problems with that.  When we are doing a water activity the disposable camera takes HORRIBLE pictures and I have no zoom or ability to adjust the pictures at all.  When we are doing other activities: my camera is a bit big, but also once the rains come (which they showed up today – wettest run in a long time) I don’t want my good camera out and about.

So last Wednesday while Brett was at PT, I went looking for an option.  I found a good one I think.  Let’s just say that it is waterproof (to 16 feet), shock proof (so I can drop it by mistake), freeze proof (to 15 degrees), dust proof (can take it trails) and it is little.    But best part about it is that it is GREEN.   Brett fell in love immediately.  An added bonus that I hadn’t thought of is that Brett can use it and I’m not worried (like I was when he wanted to use mine) since he drool can’t hurt it, he can drop it and it is much easier for him to handle.

I took it with me to Becky’s soccer game to try out since it was treating to rain.  I liked it, but I must admit that I really missed lots of the features of my camera.  Hard to believe I know.

Pictures turned out okay and I can’t wait to take it with me next Tuesday when we go canoeing on Lake Washington.  As we keep telling each other that Tuesday’s will have great weather all year long!  We hope, we hope, we hope.

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2 Responses to Adventure Tuesday – new gear

  1. Kindy says:

    I hope it works for you…sounds pretty sturdy! And you can’t beat green…Benjamin is starting to follow the green thing. Have fun canoeing!

  2. Karen says:

    how nice!

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