Five on Friday – the Newly Decorated Mantel

Well here is the before –


Here is the after.  Turns out my mantel makeover flowed over to the coffee table and lamp table.  Love how it all turned out.

1.  First change is the natural looking elements on the mantel.

2.  Loved the textures of the different white/brown items I could find.

3.  Next add some color to the table.

4.  Love the wooden fiber pumpkin.

5. Loved the small fabric covered styrofoam balls put into the lanterns.  Found that on a blog – she has a great tutorial super easy and lots of fun with all kinds of potentials.

Thanks to my good friends for the scrap material and for the decorating greatness.  Hurry on over to see it – you  never know it might only take 6 years til I redo it.

Love the new look – next challenge – the bookshelf next to the mantel.

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