Ten on Tuesday

1.  Happy Birthday MOM!  It is my Mom’s birthday today.  She is always amazing and I sure love her.

2.  Still trying to not be bummed that I’m not going canoeing on my mom’s birthday.  It is mid 50’s and threating of rain here today.  That isn’t what is keeping me from canoeing – it is the 15 – 20 mph wind that is making me rethink canoeing.  While most the time we are pretty sheltered when we are in the arboretum, there have been enough times when I’ve driving over the 520 bridge and the water is splashing up onto the cars. I’m thinking that will not help the Adventure today (although it would make it an adventure).  So here’s hoping next week we can go canoeing.  We’ll play volleyball today – so still fun – just not one of the things on my to-do list.

3.  Brett has a HUGE crush on an 8th grade girl.  We were at the store last Thursday after school getting the all important chocolate milk (one of his main stays).  There were 3 different groups of kids who said hi to Brett as we walked through the store – nothing like your child having more friends than you.  But there was one girl (didn’t even really look to see who she was) that he hasn’t stopped talking about.  She helps in his class room one period a day and eats lunch at the same time as him.  Sorry Robin, but you moved and he has a new love.

4.  Becky continues to improve and do a great job at soccer.  Last Sat was a sunny perfect temp (low 70’s) Soccer afternoon.  Owen’s flight came in right before her game so we were able to catch the last half.

5.  We got our pumpkins on Saturday.  Brett LOVES to carve pumpkins.  He has had the same pumpkin design desires for the past 5 years – Iron Man.

6.  I’m thinking that Monday federal holiday’s are not my favorite anymore.  Brock goes to the Library on Monday’s to email home and if the Library isn’t open, I sure miss hearing from him.

7.  I have the greatest husband ever.  I am so grateful for all that he does to help me.  Don’t know what I’d do without him.

8.  Plateau’s are not always fun but glad to see that the weight is starting to drop again.

9.  Delivered invites to our Pumpkin Carving FHE last night with Becky.  We invite all those from church who live near us or we have VT or HT in the past.  Brett and Becky love it. So do I.

10.  So thankful for all that I have.  So glad that Heavenly Father knows me and sends people to help me when I need their help the most.  So glad that occasionally, I can be there for my friends too.

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