Ten on Tuesday

1.  Owen is helping me out since I am computer challenged. (…We’re “in between” home computers this week.)

2.  Last week I tried something new for dinner. Guess which item my 2 daughters wouldn’t eat: eggplant, grilled chicken, grilled red peppers, pita bread, goat cheese, and olive tapanade.   It was the grilled red peppers.  They ate the rest, loved it and asked for it again, sans the red peppers. I love red peppers. I guess more for me.

3.  Owen was home all week and it was the best week yet. Loved spending time with him.

4.  Went on a date with Owen Saturday night. It has been forever. Great dinner at The Trellis, in Kirkland. Highly recommend the tomato and mozarella salad, the pork chop, and the Apple Blackberry Cobbler a la mode.

5.  I love the perspective of a child. Owen was able to take Becky to her soccer game on Saturday. When I got home I asked how the game was. She said she had won the game. So when I was talking to Owen, he said she had kicked the final goal in a 3 – 1 game.

6.  It is nice when it is easy to see when I am inspired and follow the promptings I am able to bless others.

7.  I have been playing Sudoku a lot. I think I have it down quite well now. Anyone want an online Sudoku challenge?

8.  Brett is all boy. Lately when he has a can of pop (Hansen’s cherry vanilla is his pop of choice lately) he has to crush the can with his hand before we can put it away.

9.  Some great friends both had their baby girls this past week – congrats to the Cluff family and the Rodgers family.

10.  Read almost two books in the past week.  What is happening to me?  🙂


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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    I would love a soduku challenge! I would love to see Brett crush a can.

  2. Karen says:

    you read 2 books? wow are you feeling ok?

  3. Kindy says:

    Glad to see you are reading! What did you read? I would have loved your dinner and especially the red peppers!

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