Ten on Tuesday

1.  Wool Socks – I love them.  Just pulled them out and love the toasty warm feet I know have.

2.  I am looking forward to day light savings time.  I run at 7:10 and have to wear my reflective vest since it is still DARK!!!!!!!

3.  I love wearing boots – can you tell the seasons are changing here based on my last few items today.

4.  Last Friday I opened the door and the new sister missionaries from our ward were there.  I knew we were getting sisters, but had not met them yet.  Turns out one is from Kiribati – where Brock is from and she knows Brock’s half brother and a couple of mutual friends.  SOOOO cool.

5.  Brett loves to play his air guitar when we are in the car listening to music.

6.  Lindsay made an amazing cutting board in wood shop class – once our new computer comes (I hope Thursday) I’ll post a bunch of pictures which have been piling up.

7.  Sunday I had so much fun making treats with Brett and Becky for our annual FHE Pumpkin carving party.  They are great bakers.

8.  Since Owen was going to miss the Pumpkin Carving party he helped Brett and Becky carve pumpkins this weekend.  Once again pictures to follow.

9.  This one will be its own post once I get pictures and a computer to write all that I learned.  Lets just say that I loved flying on a trapeze.  Here is a video which shows not my successful attempt at a catch (couldn’t get it to load), but on Nov. 8th I’ll will try to fix that.

10.  We had a great time with all our friends at our annual pumpkin carving FHE.  Love it.

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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    Looks like fun flying! Elena said that you are LUCKY!

  2. Karen says:

    Loved the video. . . it didn’t look that hard hahahaha. totally kidding. Can’t wait to see photos on your blog again.

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