Missionary Monday – Oct 31st

I really appreciate all the mails I’ve been getting from home. They keep me going.

I guess it’s a blessing my area is kind of 3rd Worldy, so I don’t have to deal with “Babylon”.

I wish I were somewhere with leaves to celebrate Halloween, fortunately the Reservation is plenty spooky. Mom, the trapeze looks really fun.

The black nice camera you gave me broke at the MTC, so I’ve been really relying on Elder Hannesson’s and the Flip Camera, which is mainly for videos (which we’re not allowed to take). Speaking of Elder Hannesson, I don’t know if Grandma told you but we got news about transfers this Saturday (on his birthday). This Wednesday (my birthday, but you knew that anyway) Elder Hannesson goes to be a District Leader, and I get a new companion, Elder Christianson. Elder Hannesson told me that President Ellesworth was saving his best missionaries to be trainers, I can confirm that its true. He’s really helped me overcome alot of my personality flaws. Unfortunately I still hear voices in my head. Just kidding.

But more seriously, We’ve been working these past three weeks to fine tune our teaching techniques and completely unite as a companionship. It was definitely the most intense period of my mission to date. Our numbers completely dropped and we got to the point of completely dropping whole groups of investigators. But we needed it. This followed a recent flux of baptisms was a necessary humbling moment, to remind us we are on the Lord’s errand and this HIS work.

And now, at the end of our time together I’m pretty much ready to teach this area to my new companion and Papago Ward has really turned around to embrace and support missionary work. Prior to these last weeks, almost nobody came to our baptisms, this weekend we baptized Enos Anton and we almost ran out of seats because of the great turnout from the ward.

There’s alot of things that I keep forgetting to tell you about but I’m definitely going to continue to work on it. I’m improving on being a missionary, have faith in me.

I love you all more and more now that I can’t hug you.

Don’t worry, that’s 4 months down, 20 to go.

Here’s some photos, I’ve procrastinated in sending.

The blue binders are the Book of Mormon in Braille for our Blind Investigator,

The Sister Missionaries are the other missionaries assigned to Papago Ward.

We eat dinner with them every day because Papago’s weird like that.

The Dogs on the Rez are ridiculous.

Anyways, gotta go.
Elder Brock Allen

Mesa AZ Mission

6265 N. 82nd Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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