Ten on Tuesday

1.  Last Thursday I had one of those days which I imagined a stay at home Mom would be if you didn’t live in reality (you know the kind – chocolate bon-bon, etc.).  I had two appointments in Belleuve with 1 1/2 hour between so I thought I’d try to kill some time at the mall.  No good.  Didn’t last more than 15 minutes.  Headed to a paper store to work on Christmas cards.  Got lots of good ideas – almost ready to go.  Easy when I got my picture taken in July prior to Brock leaving.  After my second appt., I headed to lunch with a group of friends.  It was so fun to have a whole day with nothing I “had” to do and was able to spend time doing my things and spending times with friends.  Loved it.

2.  I have tried to come up with good things about running in the dark at 7am.  The best part is being able to see a sunrise every morning.  We sure have had a lot of good ones lately.

3.  Wednesday night was the annual trunk or treat at church.  Becky’s friend Grace came with her and the went as an angel and a devil.   Brett loved to watch all the games in the cultural hall.  But loved the kids coming by the trunk most of all as we passed out the candy.

Brett loves his primary teacher and mom of his best bud Jake.

4.  Friday night was Becky’s annual piano recital.   In the fall, Becky’s teacher and another teacher combine and do a 3 piano duet concert.  They have 3 piano’s going with the duets on each.  The kids all come in their costumes.

5.  Saturday after Becky’s game we went Iron man costume hunting.  Turns out that 13/14 year old boys are not the target audience for Ironman Costumes.  After finally finding a 10/12 we bought it.  Turned out to be tooo small, but Brett wore it anyways to school on Monday.  He wasn’t happy that I cut off the bottoms – really Mom how can you be Ironman without the proper pants on.

6.  Puss and Boots was the Dad is home Saturday afternoon activity.  It was cute and lots of fun.  I would recommend it on video for sure – movie is you want to go because it is the only kid friendly one out.  Brett how has a list of ones he wants to see at Christmas time thanks to all the previews.

7.  Brett hair is cut – the only way I could get pictures was to snap some while he was “helping Owen” play a game on the ipad.

8.  Halloween is always a fun time.  Brett was the champion candy hander outer.  Becky was totally motived as she ran from house to house with her friends.

9.  Loving the trees changing color.

10.  Do you ever hear something and just say really?  How is that possible?  Looking forward to learning more this week.  Will let you all know next week what I find out.  Just a teaser to keep you coming back for more.   Truly I hope to be able to get more blogs written, but if I was actually home that would probably help.


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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Brett looks so old!!! love the photos of the leaves. I love fall!

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