Adventure Tuesday – Canoeing on Lake Washington

Oct 18th turned out to be a beautiful day.  Sunny, clear, calm water and warm (once we got  canoeing).

We had 10 women who wanted to canoe.  It amazed me that we had 5 who felt confident in their steering abilities and 5 who were happy to be in the front.

We headed to the Univ. of Washington Waterfront Activity Center.  They rent canoes for $8.50 per hour.

We were able to canoe through the Arboretum and under the 520 bridges.  After canoeing for an hour we linked up canoes (someone’s leg went over the top and held the canoe next to it in place) and we ate our snacks.

When then continued to explore around the bridges and headed over to the north of UW and saw where the crew team’s building was.  It had gotten so warm and I didn’t believe it would ever get that warm that I hadn’t worn a short sleeve shirt over my swim top, only a long sleeve black shirt, a blue sweatshirt and I had an extra jacket just in case.  Who knew it would actually be warm enough to get my last bit of sun to my shoulders for the year.

It was a great way to spend the day.  I used my new camera and loved the pictures I was able to get.  We found that attaching it to the life jacket made sure that it would float just nice.  I had the camera in the car when I took Brett to PT.  Turns out he deleted all the pictures by mistake.  I’m still waiting for a friend who said her husband could possible recover the pictures.  If I get them I’ll do a second blog with them.  Thanks to Sheryl for these pictures.

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