Adventure Tuesday – Oct 24th Bellevue Crossroads Golf Course

We headed out with 5 golfers to a par 3 golf course in Bellevue.  It was the perfect quick game course for us ametures.  It was once again amazing weather.  Cool, crisp just perfect for golf – okay maybe too much dew on the ground – but it sure made a good excuse to wear my gortex hiking shoes – amazing how they work just about everyday around here..

Everyone did great.  It was fun to see that a couple of times, I could still connect the iron to the ball.  I even had a put from the edge of the rough that went into the hole.

Still had to look in trees to find my golf ball.

Even had a few chips that worked.

Enjoyed the game and the company.  The lenght was perfect.  There were 2 other golfers on the course that day so we were able to go as fast or slow.  What a beautiful way to spend the morning.   After 9 holes, I was ready to head home.

We took a detour and got some clam chowder from Ivars making it a perfect day.

Becky is starting to feel like going to school is not so much fun when I’m off having adventures.  She is starting to know when we are going to go and do all the adventures I do with my friends with her.  I told her summer will be filled with adventures.  She wants to go golfing so bad.  Hopefully when they open back up in the spring we can go.  Even yesterday Lindsay was wondering what to do with friends and asked – what do you do on Tuesday that we can go and do.

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