Missionary Monday – Nov 7, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

What a crazy mission they sent me to!

Training a companion to the area gave me chance to reflect on the uniqueness of the situation I’ve been called to serve in. We’re the only Elders who eat dinner with Sister Missionaries every night (except for Mondays) and other than the spanish wards and branches we have the most companionships in a ward, with us, the sister missionaries, and our beloved senior couple the Evans’. Just about all the rules or restrictions that other missionaries have don’t apply. We can eat, shop, and do our laundry anywhere in the mission as long as we don’t go over our mileage allowance. And even then, we’re the only missionaries other than the ASL elders who regularly get to travel outside of the mission. (This is because we are assigned to teach all investigators who are Native American.) Speaking of which, we used to have a Chevy Colorado and they swapped it out for a Malibu (in my opinion one of the most feminine names for a car ever). Anywho, I hope I’m not coming off as bragging, but working on the Reservation is one the craziest and most fulfilling things I have ever done. It’s really like serving in a different country, and a 3rd world one at that.

Its been interesting to see things through the eyes of my new companion Elder Dalen Christensen, from Lyman, Utah. He’s a good ol’ farmboy with a bit of a wide-eyed attitude to the biggest city where we live and the foreign nature of the area we work. We’re getting along great, even though his accent kills me. He has a tendency to call movies, “shows.” Eventually I’ll overcome the urge to punch him every time he says it. Just kidding.

I’ll send a picture of us together next week probably.

I almost forgot, we got to spend just about all saturday at the Red Mountain Pow-wow. It was so cool! Couldn’t get alot of pictures with the darkness, but it was an amazing experience. Only on the Reservation would the missionaries have to go to a pow-wow to see all of their investigators and members.

Love you lots,

Elder Allen

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