Ten on Tuesday

1.  Ahhhhhhhh.   I love having a computer again.  Now to get caught up on all that I didn’t do or could not retrieve off the old computer.  Will not complain about that, nice to have a computer again.

2.  Amazing how sometimes just holding Owen’s hand solves all my problems and they just seem to evaporate.  It was so good to have him home last week.

3.  Happy Birthday to Brock last Wednesday.  How can I be old enough to have a 20 year old.  I must have stopped getting old about 15 years ago.  (except each week on Wednesday morning I seem to find a muscle set that hasn’t been used in a long, long, long time)

4.  Brett has done a great job this last week.  His braces were sent back to be corrected and he was able to walk, etc without them.  It is amazing to see the progress he has made.  We of course are going to use the braces as soon as we get them back, but it was nice to see he is getting strong enough to go longer distances without them.

5.  Becky is in the Global Reading Club at school.  They form teams and then read a total of 10 books per team – each person becomes an expert on 3-4 books.  Then they compete with other teams to see who know the books best.  Should be a fun experience.

6.  Lindsay a fun to have a round.  She was hoping to go paint balling last Saturday (with Brock’s Christmas Groupon’s that he never used).  They drove up and found out that lots of groups had reserved it since it was a Sunny Saturday so they are hoping to try another time.  I told her make sure you get pink paint balls so they know they were hit by a girl.

7.  Owen and I actually went on a date to the movies last Saturday.  Tower Heist was good.  I was worried that it would be good or it would be a movie where all the funny parts were in the previews.  I must say that I found a whole lot more previews at Puss and Boots that I want to go and see than at Tower Terror.

8.  I must have the most amazing siblings and parents in the world.  I wouldn’t know what I’d do without them.  Thanks for being wonderful!

9.  I am starting to know that I’d be very lost without my smart phone.  As much as I never wanted one, I am using more and more of it’s functions and I’d sure miss them if I didn’t have it.  Brock would almost be proud of his technologically dinosaur mom, maybe when I get home I’ll know enough.

10.  Grateful to know that Heavenly Father knows me, loves me and watches out for me always.

Sorry no pictures – I need to start setting a goal of so many pictures a week so that I stay in the habit of taking them.

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4 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Owen Allen says:

    #7 – The movie was called “Tower Heist”. And I think that Kris meant to start that one by saying, “Owen *and I* actually went on a date…”

  2. Kris says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know what I’m really thinking. That is why I need you – you complete my thoughts so that others will understand them.

  3. Karen says:

    shouldn’t you say “you complete me.” That would be a little more appropriate 🙂 Love how you 2 make me laugh miles away.

  4. Kindy says:

    Becky’s book club sounds awesome! Does she have to analyze the book as well? That is when I would be stumped. Glad you got your computer back.

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