Adventure Tuesday – Emerald City Trapeze

What an amazing group of women I am friends with.  They are fun, smart, BRAVE and can do ANYTHING!!!!

11 women came to try their hand at flying on a trapeze and one came as the photographer (she knew her motion sickness would get the best of her, but didn’t want to miss out on the fun).   We headed to Emerald City Trapeze for this weeks adventure.

I loved to watch women who were willing to try something that was scary, but at the same time exhilarating!!!!   Sheryl our photographer said that she had to wait and try to find a time when there was a smile on the face not a look for complete fear.  She saw lots of fear.

The instructors were great and did a great job helping everyone to succeed.  I loved to watch their faces as they flipped off the net.  Some couldn’t believe what they had just done it.  Others needed to sit down because they were shaking so hard.  One when she was finally able to let go of the trapeze at the right time for the dismount hugged all the instructors around.    Not sure why I am looking so serious on this take off.

I loved to see people do something they never thought they could.  I love to see them realize they are more amazing than they realized.  I think of the 7 women who completed the catch – 2 felt confident coming in that they could.  The other 5 had no clue how they would do and turned out to be thrilled beyond belief.  I loved to hear the comments of from their kids when they told them what there were doing or after they saw the video’s.  – “Mom, you are acting like a teenager.”  “Way to go MOM!”

Above is our group photo at the end the day.  The instructors were on the bottom row the three on the right and the guy standing up in the back.  They were terrific.

I think we have some of the greatest women around and I count them as some of my greatest blessing – friends who are wonderful and love to do “THINGS”.

Many have asked – how are you going to top that?  Just wait.   Amazing things around the corner.

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