Five on Friday – Installation of a Dishwasher

This is a bit different – but my 5 today are 5 things I’ve never done before involved with installation of a dishwasher.

It all started last Saturday.  I knew that our dishwashers days were numbered.  When the load from the night still had water in the bottom and the electrical panel wouldn’t respond to even the nicest touch and the dishes had a nice gross coating on them, the time had come to get a new dishwasher.

Our first response was why did Casey move.  Then I let Owen know that I wanted to get one that day since he would be traveling the next two weeks.   Home Depot could deliver one on Wednesday.  I figured I could get a couple of the guys from the construction company that I work for to hire to install it.

Tuesday when I was talking with Sue Richardson, the only women I know who could literally build her own home, at trapezing she said she could help me take the old one out.

She is amazing.  She got the hoses unhooked and we pulled it out.  Turned out it was hard wired in.  Her suggestion was to get an electrician who could give me a plug so I wouldn’t have to hard wire them anymore.  Luckily for me the electrician who did the work on Owen’s office last year could stop by Tuesday night.  So I turned off the electric panel to the dishwasher and cut the dishwasher off the electric cable.

1.  Cut an electrical wire   Here is a picture of the old dishwasher sitting in the middle of the kitchen so the delivery guys can take it away.

Here is a picture of the hole in the cabinets and then one of the new plug for the dishwasher.  Note: small pictures are when I didn’t actually do it.

Next step was to wait until Wednesday for the new dishwasher.

2.  Connect the plug to the electrical part of the dishwasher – technical terms here but I have never done this before.  I grounded the green wire and twisted the black and white wires with the caps.  Then I covered them back up in this metal box. Totally cool that it worked!!!  All you could see is the plug hanging out of the box.  Didn’t think to start taking pictures till after this part.

3.  Next was connecting the hoses to the water and the air gap.  This proved to be abit tougher since I didn’t know where Sue had taken them off and the instruction manual wasn’t too helpful.  Sue and Mike stopped by on Wed night to help and we discovered that I needed a trip to Home Depot to get what I needed.  Thurs, Brett and I went and I got my needed items.  Here is showing where I attached them hoses to the water valve and the air gap.

4. Next was to attach the hoses to the dishwasher.  I was able with to attach the water hose and the drain hose without many problems and even used teflon tape thanks to Mike and Sue’s suggestion.

5.  Last but not least plug it in to see if it will all work.  Oh the joy when the lights turned on when I plugged it in and even more joy (once I remembered to turn back on the water valve) that it would fill up with water and drain without any dripping or spraying.

It doesn’t look so empty any more.  Mostly it was so cool to see that I could do it.  So from now on it looks like we aren’t going to have to pay for dishwasher installations anymore.

‘Huge thanks to Sue who inspired me to go ahead and try it by myself!

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1 Response to Five on Friday – Installation of a Dishwasher

  1. Kindy says:

    Nice work Kris…and to think I was proud of myself today when I figured out that I tripped a fuse and pressed my GFI button on the outlet and it fixed it. You are a true DIY Woman! Nice!

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