Missionary Monday – November 14, 2011

This week I got the chance to really get to know my new companion. Elder Dalen Christensen has been out on his mission for a little over a year. He’s trained before and has worked with a lot of great missionaries in the past and a couple of the worst ones in the mission. He’s served in Snowflake, East Mesa, and now here. He’s definitely the complete opposite of me. With his Utah accent he pronounces “ea”s and “ee”s like “i”, so “deal” sound like “dill”. Its okay, I’m training him out of it. Anywho, he’s a complete cowboy and has no idea about what half the movies or pop culture references people talk to about and he has a hard time not “flying by the seat of his pants”. Being an upstanding suburbanite and multimedia glutton most people would think that I would clash completely with him, however we couldn’t get along better. It’s a treat to be able to pick his mind and see the unique and simple way he addresses situations and solves problems. Where as I’m louder and slightly more energetic he’s calmer and balances out our companionship. He’s definitely a hard worker, and it really helps that the Papago and Maricopa are traditionally farming peoples, it helps us to relate to people in a way that is very personal to their daily existence and to a degree not previously possible without this unique companionship. Before Elder Christensen, I had no idea so many Indians loved to rodeo. I really do look forward to the coming time we have together and people that we can touch.

Thanks for everything,
Please pray for my sleep to improve,
I love you as much you can remember and more,
Elder Brock Sutton Allen


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