Ten on Tuesday

1.  Last Tuesday was election day.  Our state has gone to all mail in ballots.  As I was dropping of Owen’s and mine at a drop box in front of Issaquah City hall, I really miss the days when I’d actually go and get to “vote” at a voting booth.  Why does mailing it in seem less like voting to me.  Still happy I have the chance to vote.

2.  I have decided that having no dishwasher is not all that bad on Fast Sunday – every other day – not so much fun.  Very happy to have one working again.  Still no leaks – so I must have done okay.

3.  Just wanted to thank all those to have and are currently serving in the military.  Thanks for protecting my freedoms and Thanks to all the families of those serving.  They have the hardest job of all!

4.  Becky had her last soccer game on Saturday.  The girls had picked cold stone creamery for the after game party.  It was mid 40’s and thankfully stopped raining for their game.  The parents decided that Cold Stone probably wasn’t the best after game party place – so Krispie Kreme’s it was.  I haven’t been there for so long.  So happy that they have powdered jelly filled again.  Although they are near impossible to eat without covering yourself in white powder.

5.  I have been so blessed this past week.  It seems like my runs have been dry and then shortly after the rains hit.  Yesterday esp.  It was dry the whole run and by the time I got up to the shower – I could hear the rain on the sky light.

6.  Sunday morning has become our cooking time with Brett and Becky.  This Sunday it was brownies and Becky’s famous mint chocolate chip ice cream pie in a oreo pie crust.  Brett sure LOVES to crush the graham crackers.  He did a great job cutting off the icing from the oreos.

Good tip is to use another pie pan to help flatten/smooth out the crust – then cook for 10 minutes (or however long the brownies have left).

Forgot to get a picture of the pie done.  This was a warm up for next Sunday’s pie party. I’ll try to remember to take a picture then.   It was really good – trust me.

7.  The countdown to Thanksgiving is on.   Thanksgiving is one of Brett’s favorite holidays.  He loves the Turkey feast and hanging out with his good buddy, Jake.

8.  Owen and Becky had a dinner date on Saturday night.  It amazes me that Becky loves sushi.  Glad she and Owen can have that as their “thing”.  With Brock gone, Becky is filling is as Owen’s sushi buddy for Brock.

9.  Last night for FHE we each took the letters in BLESSINGS and wrote down a blessing for each one.  Lindsay – Brett Loves mE So So Insanely Much Goodness graciouS.   Brett – Brock Light saber Eternal family School Sisters Iphone Nerf guns Gospel Swimming.  Becky – Brothers Lindsay Eternal families Scriptures Sacrifice Ice cream Necturines Gospel School.    We have been grately blessed in so many ways.

10.  I learned last week that acting like a teenager can have an adverse effect on standard blood tests.  I had a blood test 3 days after I went trapezing the first time (I was very sore, really sore).  When the results came back it looked as if I had sever liver damage – that of an alcoholic.  I had an appt with a specialist, additional blood work and an ultrasound of my liver.  I didn’t fit any of the normal profiles of someone who would have that abnormal of results.  All the tests kept coming back normal.  Finally when the retest of the blood came back normal they decided that it was my extremely sore muscles that skewed the initial blood test.  It was odd to walk around thinking you had a part of you which was supposedly not working right.  Owen and Lindsay were amazing.  Lesson learned – don’t get your blood drawn if you are really really sore – UNLESS you want some crazy results.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    I need the recipe for the pie please!!!!

    • Kris says:

      pie crust – 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs; 3/4 finely ground oreo cookes (remove cream stuffing); 4 tb melted butter; 2 tb sugar. Mix all together and blend in a blender or food processor. Transfer to a 9 inch pie pan and spread across the bottom and up the sides using your fingers. Place another 9-inch pie pan on top and firmly press against the ocntours of the pan. Back 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from oven and cool. Refridgerate before using (we froze for 45 min). Take out ice cream for 10 minutes. Spread ice cream in the pie crust. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for an hour. http://www.emerils.com Enjoy!

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