Adventure Tuesday – Red Town Trailhead

It was the perfect day for hiking.  Sunny (in Seattle in Nov), cool, crisp and leaves all over the ground and still in many of the trees.  It was what hiking in the fall should be. 

I also loved spending the time with the 6 other women who came with me.

We had lots of fun walking the trails.  There are over 30 miles of trails.  We spent most of our time on the De Leo Wall Trail.  It is not a hard or technical trail.  No amazing “views”, but a great place to take the family on a hike.

At the bottom they have an abandoned coal mine where they have an old coal cart and a display which shows what life was like there years ago when it was an active coal mine.  Always fun to get a bit of the history of the area on hikes.

On a product review – I sure miss the pictures that I get with my Cannon vs my little Fuji – do anything, camera.  I know some if operator error and I need to spend more time learning how to get good pictures.

See you next week for another hike – this time a bit steeper – Grand Ridge Hike.

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1 Response to Adventure Tuesday – Red Town Trailhead

  1. Kindy says:

    Looks beautiful! I sure miss color.

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