Ten on Tuesday – 10 Things I’m Thankful For

1.  I am Thankful for Owen – he is simply the best.  I am grateful to have married my best friend and that he still can make me laugh every day.

2.   I am Thankful for kids who are amazing.  Brock inspires me each week as I read his letters.  Lindsay is capable to doing anything and everything.  Brett brings love and joy and happiness into our home each day.  Becky quietly and happily serves all of us and those around her each day.

3.  I am Thankful to parents who have raised me and set wonderful examples of how I should live my life and have encouraged me and supported me in all that I do.

4. I am Thankful we have a new rule in the family now – no computer/tv/x-box after dinner.  I love it.  (okay every rule has its exception – Amazing Race)  Some nights (when Owen is gone) we’ll eat at 5pm so it is nice and quiet all night long.

5.  I am Thankful for sisters and brothers who are amazing.  They have each accomplished so much in their lives and I LOVE to spend time with them.

6.  I am Thankful for friends and neighbors who make life fun and are there to be happy with me and to cry with me.

7.  I am Thankful that Brett, Becky and I have been playing lots of board games at night due to the change in rules (see #4.)  Sorry is still there on top.  Sorry Sliders and Uno come in close behind.  It is amazing to see how much fun you can have with a simple balloon.  If Owen is home – Ticket to Ride is a favorite (although it is a given that Owen will destroy us).

8.  I am Thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have no idea where I’d be in “life” if I didn’t have the Holy Ghost to by my constant companion and the knowledge that my savior lived and died for me.  I love knowing that my Heavenly Father knows me personally.  He knows my hopes, dreams, desires, fears and weaknesses.

9. I am Thankful for living in the greatest place in the world.  Even on a day when we have winds of 30+ mps, expecting 2 1/2 inches of rain and is cold.  Still love it here.

10. I am Thankful that I love me.  I love who I am.  I am very aware of where my flaws are, but I also know where my strengths and abilities lie and focus on those so much more than the negative.  I think that comes back to parents who lived life the same way and taught me how to life it that way!

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday – 10 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Karen says:

    Love the photo! I do remember a time when you beat Owen in ticket to ride. . . 🙂

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