Issaquah Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

This is now added to our list of Holiday (Thanksgiving – Christmas) Traditions.  This is the second year that the ever Amazing Heather and Tom Mathews have put on our local turkey trot.  Last year, I volunteered to help (due to running injury) and got to cheer on the 200+ runner and walkers.

This year Owen was a trotter (jogger) and Becky and I were walkers.  The runners started at 9am lead by a quick group of skinny high school cross country runners.  The trotters started 5 minutes later leading the pack was Owen (his second 5K of our marriage).

Owen is running so fast – my silly small camera I haven’t figured out how to work it well, Owen’s I-phone takes much better pictures than my small one.

Becky and I started out 5 minutes later.  All the kids 10 and under were given a wobble gobble punch card and along the route they had volunteers punching their card 7 times.  When they finished they got the prize bag.  It was a HUGE motivator for Becky.  She was quite the sport.

Best part of the race – Becky still held my hand for most of the race as we walked.  She is amazing and I sure loved spending time with her.

We were able to cross paths with Owen once as he finished the last 1/4 of a mile and we had a mile to go!

Lots of fun, no rain and 700+ participants.  Can’t wait til next year –  Thanks Heather and Tom for a wonderful time.

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2 Responses to Issaquah Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

  1. kari says:

    How fun and way to go OWEN!!!!! Maybe next year we will come up and do it with you guys!!

  2. Karen says:

    Love the walking part. I would totally do that with my kids! Way to go Owen and Becky!

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