Missionary Monday – November 28, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week I just wanted to talk about how humbling a mission can be. As missionaries, we are recently-turned-adults (who still feel like teenagers) and non-locals to the area, yet just about everyone we come in contact to asks us to pray for them, members and non-members alike.

There are times when I feel so inadequate in my ability to fulfill all my duties as a missionary, that the only thing that pushes me through is the sheer faith of the individuals and families I come in contact with.  I’ve counseled grown men on dealing with their families, vices, and financial crisis and how their spiritual strength can help them overcome all adversities.

The biggest thing that was a huge surprise about being on a mission is the times that I have the chance to exercise the priesthood in giving blessings. I am so grateful for the times Dad showed me how to righteously administer to us as his children and others who were sick and afflicted.

I guess the biggest thing of note this week is the feeling of awe now that I completely comprehend, I AM ON A MISSION. These really are the best two years of my life,  and I get to spend them helping others. I always knew there was something to the spiritual high that comes from giving service, but this- this is awesome. There are times when I just can’t help smiling because with my suit and tie people can tell I’m a missionary but they can only just glimpse the joy I get from being here.

Thank you so much Mom and Dad. I love you and though I miss you and Lindsay, Brett, and Becky it just means my hugs will be that much sweeter when I return. But untill then, 20 more months to go!


Elder Allen

I’ve included pictures of my desk and study area in our new apartment

and blurry photos of dancers at the Fort McDowell Powwow which was pretty awesome. The outfits so fancy and just about all of them are rigged with shiny noisy bells. But none of that makes more noise than the drums and high toned singing of the drum companies that keep the beat for the dancers. This one was indoors so it just reverberated like crazy.

In addition to those is pictures of us at Red Mountain. Thanksgiving morning we got the chance to hike red mountain which you can only go up if you have an indian with you. Fortunately, serving on the rez, we know a couple. That was pretty cool, but at parts it got rough. and yes, I still hate hiking.

Here’s our second to most recent convert, Enos Anton- he’s one of the goofiest characters and he’ll probably a great missionary. I can’t wait to see how far he goes, his baptism, like Dan’s was a long time coming. He practically taught us the lessons and even his sunday school teacher was surprised to find out after all these years he was never a member.

The kid in this baptism photo is Dan smith, he’s there with his Great grand Father Paul smith. He’s such an awesome kid. He’s only 14 and he’s as tall as a tree.

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