Seattle Macy’s Parade

Warning – lots of photo’s in the post.  How else do you describe a parade.

Lots of fun – sunny, rainless morning (huge since we had lots and lots of rain all week – except for a few hours Thursday morning during the turkey trot).

We headed down a got our usual spots.  We to get the needed hot chocolate and then ENJOY the parade. Waiting for it to start.

Here come the fire truck.

then the unicycles …..

you never know who might show up .. Abe Lincoln

the cowboys are here….

the best decorated marching band for the holidays ….

all the food you could ever dream of …

Brett loved the Cherry pies…

Dog clubs galore ….

loved the bagpipes … although all their songs still stay the same.

the drill teams …

Even some have I spy…

Best Socks award…

Slinky dog even showed up.

then quick shots of us!

my favorite shoes ever – love gortex!!!

Becky looking good…

Best moves from a sax player…

Lots of fun and love this tradition.   Loved the weather and company!

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