Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love this time of year.  I love how many traditions we have and I love time spent together.  Owen was home for a week straight and wasn’t “working” the whole time.  LOVED it.

2.  Christmas music has become a big part of our lives.  Owen plays it in the car for me.  I play it in the car.  Brett plays it on the computer.  Lindsay gave Brett a Bandstand Christmas CD and he loves it.  That boy likes music and Becky is a good swing dancer!

3.  Friday after the parade we came home and started to get out the Christmas decorations.  Becky and Brett loved helping (until friends wanted Becky to play outside – it was Sunny in Seattle so out she went).  Here are a couple of snap shots I took today.  I realized at the parade that I have missed taking pictures for a class/assignment.  I tried to take some not so typical shots along with my very typical shots.  Liked how some turned out.  Even got out the old tripod and had lots of fun in the process.

4.  I got done much more than I had expected on Friday with Christmas decorations so on Saturday I put up my Christmas village in the family room.  I don’t think I’ve put this up in the last 5 years or so.  I loved to watch Becky walk along and “jump” into the scene.  She loved to just play walking along the village.  I love to see where her mind can take her.

5.  Saturday night we went to my cousin, who is moving here, reception.  I am so excited to have “family” around.    She was beautiful and looking for to lots of great adventures with her and her family.

6.  Monday was the annual Gingerbread family home evening.  We make gingerbread cookies, read a book while they cool and then decorate.

These picture are from our first time 5 years ago in 2006.  (man have my kids grown)

These next ones are from this year.  Seem like the reoccurring theme even with Brock gone is injured gingerbread men.  Hopefully it isn’t a reflection on my cooking/baking skills.  (even if I don’t caused injured gingerbread men they still put them in a boot).

Brett also takes it pretty serious.  Check out his close up – which also shows his much-needed to be shaved mustache.

He is welcome to use icing makeup any day.

7.  The past couple of nights we have been playing games with the kids.  I have discovered that Brett is a Kamikaze/Crazy Ivan Ticket to Ride player.  He doesn’t try to follow any route.  He just plays his cards anywhere the ipad will let him.  It makes for seriously crazy game – tough to plan a route with a Crazy Ivan around.

8.  Today was the third funeral in three months that I’ve been to and helped with the food.  I love to hear the amazing stories of people and wish that you could realize how fun and amazing the people were while they are still here with us.  That is one of my goals is to find out more about people while they are still here with us.  My favorite part of today’s funeral for Tommy Allen was his friend who came to speak.  Tommy was a character.  You couldn’t help but love him.  This man was his friend since third grade.  I thought first how cool that this guy could see and know and love the real Tommy.   I loved his story of their first encounter.  Tommy was in 3rd grade and it was this man’s first day at school.  Tommy came up and did some slap stick routine which ended with Tommy hitting himself in the face and falling to the ground.  Would have loved to see that.  I don’t think you can think of Tommy Allen without a smile coming to your face.  Thanks for always making me smile Tommy.

9.  Tonight Brett was being very creative with his chicken nugget dipping sauce (I know highly gourmet dinner at the Allen’s tonight).

10.  Lindsay is an amazing and totally fearless girl.  I always love to hear of her adventures, but mostly love her concern and love for her sister Becky.  So lucky to have both of them in our home.  Yeah – we love having Brock and Brett.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    My kids love playing with my village as well. They are sad when I actually put it up high. Sounds like a very fun week!

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